From the land of FWIW

If someone would’ve told me the men’s basketball team would go 9-3 and would beat Kentucky in their preseason slate, I would’ve said they had made too many trips to Wendover for legalized weed.

Yes, they got pole-axed by the Aztecs, but something tells me they are going to have a better season than predicted. The question is will it be good enough to get to the big dance?

If we can go over .500 in conference, we could have a chance.


I looked at the latest NET and Utah is 110 or so. Which makes me wonder about the model when BYU, Nevada and Kentucky are in the 40s or higher.

Utah is 65th

That is what they refer to as a BIG IF.

They sell weed in Wendover now? I thought you had to go all the way to Elko? Someone verify this…asking for a friend.

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With such a young team, consistency is usually a problem. I have been impressed with their play so far. They are fun to watch for the most part. I don’t know what to expect, they may have enough talent to compete with anyone in the PAC, but you just don’t know game to game how they will play.