Former Ute Jimmy Madison

Dave Hammer has posted that former Ute basketball player Jimmy Madison, who played under Utah coach Lynn Archibald has died. According Hammer, Madison joins Albert Springs, Bobby Adair and Jerry Stroman, who all played for Archibald and have died in the past few years. I think I remember hearing about Adair, but did not hear about Springs or Stroman.

I’m really sorry to hear this.

Mitch Smith is still here in Utah coaching, but Madison was the other forward we pulled out of Arizona, I think from Yuma. Mitch Smith was a great Ute, but I thought Madison had more upside. Albert Springs was also from Arizona, Phoenix.

I used to see Jerry Stroman around downtown SLC - I think he had a serious struggle with drugs. Bobby Adair died in a car crash driving down Parleys at excessive speed. They join their coach, who also went far too young.

Savor every day, folks.


Have lost so many players (and coach) from that era. :disappointed:

Here are some more details. This sucks. Madison always seemed to me to be a good guy. When my oldest was little his favorite player was Albert Springs. This group of people just seems to be snake bit.

DNews article on Jimmy Madison’s passing