Forgot there's a game of, my local interest on this evening

ECU vs the bad ugly kitties from Provo.

This is an easy one, Go Pirates!!!

Losing at home to a midrange G5 team at home. Hate to see it.


BYU completes No Win October.


Now all they need is a Nowinber next month too, and the meltdown is complete.

Need to get my Arc Welder helmet ready. :wink:


CB is usually amusing after they lose.

“Relax, they won’t fire the Polynesian Lavell”



I chose the source of this report deliberately.


What kind of odds would you give tds vs. Boise next week? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Ordinarily, I would give BYU a good chance of beating Boise.

Something happened this year that really undermined morale. Maybe they were really buying that BS about being the PAC champs and then Oregon gutted them. I guess they really struggled vs Wyoming and USU. I think the chatter from the fans has been corrosive. It certainly led Bronco to bail out.

I’m glad Jefe trimmed out the comment about the Polynesian Lavell - that kind of talk doesn’t need to be tolerated.

Sports can be awesome or frustrating, but the way they’re cannibalizing their own is really uncalled for. Sitake is a good coach who is being eaten alive by his own fan base. I knew he and Roderick when they were at Utah, they don’t deserve this BS. Utopia knew them better, I know he must agree.

I guess the upside for Ute fans is it will make prospective coaches really, really wonder if it’s worth it. To the extent there’s now a zero sum aspect involved because both programs are P5, that helps us a little, I suppose, in the intra-state market for recruits and eyeballs.

It’s always possible to get a coach to come in and catch some fire and have success, but if Sitake takes off, that will be two pretty solid HCs in a row who couldn’t overcome fan-enhanced morale problems.

We’re not going to the CFP, but our team and the fan base are clearly in it for much more than that. The feel good goes beyond the scoreboard, there’s a deeper connection. Even external broadcasters recognize it’s a pretty special situation. Not singularly unique, but pretty damn cool.

What’s going on in Provo is acute misery for the coaches, players and their families. That’s ridiculous.


You and I both recall when for an LDS coach the BYU job was the professional pinnacle. That hasn’t been true for a while now, probably since Gary Crowton. It’s interesting to think about.


What is going on down there goes back to something Urban Meyer said when he was here…

When you look across the football landscape the starting players for all the teams are pretty equal in talent…where they are different is when the starters are out of the game. Can the backups maintain the momentum, or find another level?

Those who lived through the 1980’s teams here know this all too well. Lose a starting RB, the backup isn’t as big of fast. Lose a starting QB, the playbook shrinks for a ton of reasons…and the list goes on. Kalani’s starters are as good as anyone’s. This backups…not so much (and it’s not for trying on his and his staff’s part). All TDSfan has to do is look around the field. Those physical games against Baylor, Oregon, Notre Dame and Arkansas wiped out a lot of key starters. They took the field last night against the Privateers with a lot of backups, since their starters on on the sidelines all busted up. A loss was in the realm of possibilities. Next week the Smurfs will likely beat them, and they need the win to keep bowl eligibility alive. They aren’t beating ‘Furd.

They better get used to this pattern for several years (or more) because the buzz saw of the BIG 12 will do it to them again, and again. No matter who their HC is, if they can’t stack the program with a depth of high performing talent, just like now their team will be irrelevant by mid season. 1984 was more than a few lifetimes ago in College Fottball and is completely irrelevant now. Kalani knows what to do to build success. Their idiot fans need to get out of the man’s way and let him do it.


Great observations.

Remember when Kyle was faced with a decision, right after Urban left? Go back to his alma mater or keep things going after the sky-high Fiesta Bowl season here. He consulted with Urban, who said the expectations monster might be higher at Utah initially, but we had longer term upside.

History has validated KW’s decision, many times over.

Kyle weathered some transition difficulties - in being a HC, and definitely a transition to the P12 - but the turbulence was never acutely serious.

The intensity and magnitude of issues that come up over and over again in Provo make that a completely different situation. It’s like they have no idea how to be decent, veteran, circumspect fans of CFB. (I’m sure some do - I’m generalizing.)

My sense is this season is too much like the 2017 when things went really bad, and ultimately it was blamed on Holmoe hiring Detmer as OC before hiring the head coach, and afterward Kalani righted the ship, somewhat. The Covid year was like 1984, except Coastal Carolina.

Then, inevitably, once they got the Big-12 invite, the fanbase started getting entirely incoherent again, and knocking us off last year, along with the great Covid year and toppling 4 other PAC schools who overlooked them, set things up for mass insanity again this year.

Wilson really was lucky to have beaten out Jaren Hall to be the starter, you see, and the sky really is the limit.

When the top of the volcano collapses, that cauldron is down there a ways.

Another analogy from nature is summer time thunderstorm formation and dissipation. No gentle rain and stratus clouds, they can’t go for that. It has to be the rockiest, craziest experience possible.


Watching how a significant number of BYU fans are coming after players and coaches in person and online is pretty astounding. All fan bases have idiots, but this is common, common practice right now.

Truth is, BYU benefited from Covid more than any team on the planet, and they had a couple of years of decent teams playing bad teams.

And let’s all not underestimate how great Allgeiers really was. He was a beyond special player that nearly carried that entire team on his back.

And now the fans are realizing the truth and all of this with the prospect of entering into some much stiffer competition than they’ve ever faced.

Like @Ma-ake I like Sitake and A-rod and Tuiaki and they really don’t deserve any of this crap from fans. Nobody on earth does.


Given what is out there in the Coaching Carousel right now, their coaching staff could end up totally ghosting, leaving Holme to pick up the pieces. Moving to Boulder or Tempe wouldn’t suck at all.

They won’t…but then again Roscoe and a number of his staff did, so…


I seriously worry about Kalani. Over the course of time and stress and comfort food and big Tongan get togethers & feasts, he got pretty big.

He lost some impressive amount of weight over the offseason, like 50 lbs or so, but mother nature is not kind to people in acutely stressful situations over any amount of time, especially people who are flirting with some measures we’re all trying to avoid.

I can’t imagine Kalani’s family has any enthusiasm for him staying through the end of his contract. I’m sure he wants / needs to find a high note to get to, but that’s not a long term gig down there. It just isn’t. He’s a really smart guy, I think in the back of his mind he knows this, and… these things have a way of getting conveyed to players, in a tacit way.

(Example: Oregon last year with Cristobal. We were playing with a higher purpose, but that was weird how he ended up being a joke of Stephen A. Smith. “Whatever you do in Miami, coach, DON’T PLAY UTAH!”)

Kalani’s a great guy, I don’t want to see what could very well happen.


Not sure I agree that BYU’s starters are “as good as anyone’s.” Nacua is really good, and BYU lucked out that he fell into their lap from Washington. Hall is good too, though he hasn’t been the past few weeks. Their other receiver, Epps, is a nice player too, as are a couple of their offensive linemen. But their RBs are mediocre.


Let’s not forget Puka’s brother Sampson wanted him to “play on a bigger stage than the Univ of Utah” when he was being recruited. How’d that work out Mr Nacua?


I wont pretend to know whats wrong with BYU, but they are the most bipolar college football program. At times they can beat many quality football programs while simultaneously embarissingly lose to almost anyone. Sometimes in the same season


If Kyle retires , Scalley becomes HC and Kalani returns as DC


Amazing there are so many triggered kiddos from down south


I thought I would be disappointed, but at least one of them mentioned pouring beer on zoobs.