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The majority of the reponses to this zoob are absolutely priceless . I am trying to figure out if this asshat is just making this up to spark a reaction from them and really isn’t a zoob. I will let you decide

Idiot zoob

That could very easily be a Utah fan. Pretty pathetic if it is.

But it could also very easily be a Zoob. Equally as pathetic.

My favorite response:

BYU Dad said:

I live in Utah. But the Yewniversity of Yewtah is different and we don’t claim it. If you spent any time around Yewt fans you’d know why. They show up drunk to the games and make fun of religion. Even the few decent Yewt fans that exist have written about how classless that fan base is. Trust me. They threw beer on our QB’s mom a few years ago and were on TV taking “sacrament” jello shots at their tailgate (again making fun of religion).

I bet when Yewtah plays in Boulder, all the marijuana shops sell out that weekend. That’s who they are. I still can’t believe that’s legal by the way but it’s something Yewtah fans would love.

You are making me more of a Utah fan each time you post! Those fans sound wonderful!

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I love that by the end of the thread he’s managed to piss them off to the point they are actually attacking BYU not Utah.

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The OP on allBuffs has to be a Utah troll. Things don’t even get that weird on cougarboard. If not a Utah troll then one really deranged BYU fan. I’m leaning toward Ute fan trolling the Buffs.

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Maybe, but it takes a really knowledgeable Utah fan to know the BYU conspiracy theory that UTEP won in 1985 because they supposedly tapped into the radio signals of BYU’s play-calling.


Can we just win the damned game on Saturday and end the ■■■■■■■■ already…

Ok and if it could quit snowing, that would be awesome. There is a over a foot of it at my house in Magna and it is still coming down.


Individually there may not be a fan like that but he has hit on all of their talking points collectively. He must have a masters degree in CB weirdos.


I like the response from Rodrigo:

“Beat them yourself, loser”

Ie, “Don’t try to proxy your own inadequacies through us!”


I think it’s fake, but CB is full of the real thing. However, I loved the one response, “beat’em yourself loser.”

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I like the suggestion from that highly entertaining thread that every instance of “Yewtah” be changed to “my wife’s trainer Trent.”