Folks, we were all wrong about Boise

This weekend @Uteoholic and I, with our spouses, traveled to Boise and I’d like to report that it was indeed a few degrees warmer than SLC - downright pleasant in fact.

The downtown area was vibrant, walkable and had restaurant waits over an hour. The Indian restaurant we ended up at, which was mysteriously mostly vacant and had no wait time, served drinks with spoon straws like you get with a Slurpee, which we wondered if it was actually a feature or a regional nicety.

Our hotel was adjacent to the Boise St campus and so my wife and I took a walk through that night. I can report that their soccer practice field is not blue, and the parking terrace we observed appeared to be well lit. They also had a large B in the middle of the campus, which we assumed was how far they’d gotten in learning the alphabet. Baby steps. I also observed at least 5 more people wearing large belt buckles and wranglers than I typically see on a walkthrough of the U’s campus.

It also appears to have a vibrant street racing scene, as cars were heard racing from our hotel room until around 3 in the morning.

Overall, I give the city an A- rating, with the single hit coming from asking for a Diet Coke and them unabashedly serving Diet Pepsi without even flinching. In Utah that would be cause for death.

In short, we’re going to need to step up our game if we really want to compete for recruits.

I’ve been working in Boise for the past few months and it’s a pretty nice place.

I’m being snarky above, but we liked the city actually.

I know…it was pretty funny. As far as people go, well, not that different from Utah. Downtown is pretty cool.

I’ve heard that finger steaks (breaded cuts of steak) are a Boise/Idaho culinary must, sort of like Utah’s fry sauce. I don’t make it to Idaho much, but next time I do, I’ll be looking for these.

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So is Uteoholic your Ute wife? You went without spouses but yet had a romantic walk with your wife through campus. I may be reading too much into this.

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Ah, autocorrect to the rescue, it should have read, ‘with our spouses’ not ‘with out spouses’. But to answer your question, yes.

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Boise is one of the fastest warming cities in the US, their average annual temp has risen 4 degrees since 1970.

Boise does have a vibrant downtown.

Two different videos on why you should not move to Boise.

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The funniest part may be that this was ironically posted in Rivalry Smack. Well done.

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