Florida fall camp update

Yes. Kid could never get his weight down. 4 bills is pretty dangerous weight.

It seems the guy who would be our back up QB is injured, and I doubt he will be available for the first game. Not sure who is going to be the back up now. Kitna is injured as well, so…I will have to get back to you.

Maybe we go to the wishbone?


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lol - that reminds me of an NFL strike year when a lot of marginal players were on TV, and the coaches took it all in stride.

In one game the wishbone was being run, to which the opposing coach looked across the field at his counterpart, with his hands in the air.

“WTH?” And they both chuckled.

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I remember those games. I seem to recall the 9ers ran the wish bone for a game or 2.

You run a 6-2 with a walk-away against the wishbone. :wink:

Remembering practicing to stop the wishbone since Provo (way back in the day) used to run it.

I remember former Ute option QB Mark Stevens playing in one of those games and running the triple option.

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That’s the one I was thinking of.

The opposing coach looked at Bill Walsh, who shrugged and smiled, IIRC.

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Looks like its going to be a full swamp.
I know of at least a couple Ute families going.
I’m sure we will represent with a sea of red.


Yeah it sold out. Very exciting with the new era for Florida and opening with the Pac 12 Champions. Helluva start for us. It grabs ones attention, let’s say.

Coach Napier has his work cut out for him to fix all the deficiencies in the program, and it will take more than a year, and certainly more than a spring and fall camp. I do believe we will be prepared as best as possible, and hopefully be a more disciplined team. I just can’t see a victory here. It would be a miracle.

Florida fans need to give Napier time, as imho, this guy isn’t messing around. He has the new facilities, has been allowed to hire an army of staff for every conceivable area you can think of for football. Recruiting is better than it ihas been in a decade really. We shall see what the future holds, but it is good to get a great test right out of the gate.



We wish you, and your family of fans good health and warm regards


We have figured out a way to slow you guys down a little.

swamp water