I hope Coach K will have a talk with Rylan and after last night Timmy regarding flopping. Rylan could get away with it in HS but it’s officially a no-no in college BB. I see a trend where it looks like he’s getting a reputation as a flopper to the point he doesn’t get the call on a legitimate charge. Timmy could have easily been charged with his second flop last night. Stand up and stay up guys.

Allen’s second ‘flop’ was a clear charge. He didn’t flop.

In modern basketball, flopping is often highly advantageous. Maybe they need to sell it better or learn when to sell it, but “stand up and stay up” is not good advice for the way the game is played. That’s just a fast lane to 5 fouls.

It’s nice that basketball is trying to fix this, but they are doing it wrong. The solution is to have more no calls. Refs think that they have to call contact. The question is always “block or charge”. But the answer should usually be “neither.” If a dude flops and there is no call, the offense is at a big advantage. Save the whistle for real fouls.

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I can tell you from experience it’s not in an officials DNA to not make the call. You are trained to make a decision on a charge unless there is no actual contact.

Oh I believe you. That’s part of the problem. I love basketball, but it has two related major flaws:

  1. The game is impossible to officiate well.
  2. A major part of the strategy is to try to get the other team to commit fouls.

Unfortunately, neither of those things can ever really be fixed. Personally, I would like more no-calls.


Rylan has had several egregious flops. It’s one thing to exaggerate the motion from a contact, it’s another to just fabricate one.

Yea there was on instance in the BYU game where he flopped and the ball wasn’t even across mid-court.

That’s my point.