Five walk-ons given scholarships

Saw the official announcement on Twitter. Here’s a follow up on 247.

Congratulations to:
LB Moroni Anae
S Stone Azarcon
LB Hayden Furey
LS Noah Rodriguez-Trammell
WR Dylan Slavens

I think they all saw the field last year, primarily on special teams.

Very cool, happy for the guys who put in the work and earn it.

Rodriguez-Trammell hasn’t seen the field since 2017. Slavens did see action in one game (WSU), on offense. The other three all got in on special teams last year.

At any rate it’s really great to see all these kids get schollys. Easy for us fans to overlook how much work walk-ons put in day in and day out, and how much they help the whole team and program as a result.

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Slavens is also the single WR on the Spring Football Leadership Council, IIRC.

Ideally you want the guys on the field to be in leadership positions, but if they’re trying to incentivize behavior, a walkon busting his butt and getting recognized for it sends a signal.

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