First there was Barry Switzer, now we have Paul Finebaum

Thanks for that video. It makes me like Coach Saban more. I completely agree with him.

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Finebaum looks like a badger penis with dumbo ears.


He looks like Squidward and Alfalfa’s lovechild.

He looks like the skinny hobo that gets bullied by all the other hobos.

He looks like his head got caught in a leg press accident at the gym.

He looks like Tacoma’s profile pic.

He looks like a tiny, fleshier version of an Easter Island statue.

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It looks like his mom had sex with her cousin and a goblin shark while watching an Alabama game.


Yikes. Making fun of a Jewish guys looks calling him goblin is a bit out of bounds. There is a history of mocking Jewish people as looking like something less than human I wouldn’t touch. But, do you.

Not a goblin. This thing.

If you prefer I insult his intelligence, I can do that. Because he’s dumb as bricks.

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By all means. Just commenting on looks is weak. Like his opinions.

Insulting a man’s thoughts is more appropriate than his looks. If he looked like one of the Dukes of Hazzard boys he still would be an idiot.

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Time to take a chill pill, buddy, it’s just stupid sports message board hijinks, this isn’t the Storm Front forum. Good lord.

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True but like Alabama and Kentucky, Utah has a reputation nationally.

you should never make fun of jews by saying they look like goblins, unless of course it’s finebaum who actually looks like a goblin and him being jewish has nothing to do with the mockery he has so fairly garnered.

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Like I said, DO YOU!

I’m not comfortable with my family history. lol