First there was Barry Switzer, now we have Paul Finebaum

Good things happen when Utah football gets disrespect!

I think I’ve listened to Finebaum once. He came across as an arrogant imbecile. Not sure what he’s ever done in the football world, but at least Bozo the Switzer coached.

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Fortunately I’ve never given a ■■■■■ about anything any of those a$$wipes’ opinions.


I love it - seriously this is a guy who hasn’t watched a single game not on the east coast. For the record I like our chances if we do get in the CFP to get an upset - I don’t think that side of the country is ready for Utah’s physical brand of football. But all the PAC-12 can tell you that even when we aren’t the top team, they feel playing Utah for a few weeks.

If we get that chance, and even if we don’t win that first game, I guarantee whoever draws the short straw to play us will not win the championship because of the “Utah Effect.”


I watch “Get Up” in the morning and I was laughing my ass off when Finebaum said that. My retort? ■■■■ it, let’s just pick Notre Dame, USC, Alabama, and Michigan because evidently that’s who everyone would want to watch right? Just put in whatever teams can pull the most eyeballs, performance be damned.

Talk about idiotic statements…


At the end of this article it notes that right now the CFP is apparently favoring Utah over Oklahoma and do not view the USC game as a bad loss. Just win baby!


Also this reminds me, and I’ve said it a few times now, but Feinbaum is an SEC shill - he’s going to say that stuff. Where are our PAC-12 shills? I expect Larry Scott and Mark Harlan to be out there and very vocal that if we beat Oregon we deserve to be in the CFP. It is their job to spread that PR and as far as I know it has been basically silence. Maybe Larry Scott is too busy booking luxury hotels for himself and Harlan is searching for his next step up as an AD, but they need to get on this.


Backing up what Rocker said, I understand that Finebaum has a contract with the SEC. So he’s a paid shill. (According to Bill Riley.) I think his statement is going to be counter-productive for him. The sheer arrogance of it is breathtaking. I wouldn’t be surprised if the CFP committee members are inwardly offended at the notion that their choices should be guided by TV ratings.


Of course I’m biased towards the Utes but let’s take them out of it, just for discussions sake. Here’s my thought: 1) I get tired of seeing the same old teams in playoffs of any sport, which is I why I actively cheer for the NE Patriots to lose. I hate “dynasties”. 2) who doesn’t love an underdog. I always root for the underdog unless it’s a team I have an affinity for. Utes fit the bill in both cases (assuming we beat Oregon of course). Bagbaum … er I mean Fingerbalm doesn’t know WTF he’s even talking about. As Rocker said, he’s shilling/lobbying for his Bama overlords like the good little lap-dog he is. However, his logic doesn’t actually hold up :smiley:



He’s a Tennessee grad and had always pulled for Auburn. He is also saying the Saban Dynasty is over quite often. He’s a horrid shill if he’s ours. He is however an SEC Network host. So yeah, he wants two SEC teams. Helps protect his bag.

And he’s had it in for Utah since we beat his precious Alabama in the Sugar Bowl. No surprise here. He’s just an arrogant little dick.

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Put that mutherf’ing video clip on a loop in the Utah locker room for the next 48 hours. Sorry Oregon, blame it on Mandlebaum.

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People fall down the stairs at ESPN all the time…


Nah. Saban is also tired of his ■■■■ as well. He tried to pull some crap about Saban’s program and got smacked down in the past. He’s all SEC but not pro-Alabama:

For more context Saban is known for second and third chances and Finebaum murders him publicly for it. This was a PC addressing Saban’s philosophy:

The good news is that the CFP committee hate him so the more he bad mouths Utah the better

If anything he’s generating sympathy for the Utes from the Committee. Maybe Spence Eccles paid him to say those things.

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Fubebaum’s show was trolling the trailer parks to put our worst family members on a national stage.

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Off topic but, Finebaum’s employment is sexist.

If you plot stupid/smart as the x axis and good looking/ ugly on the y axis he is definitely in the stupid/ugly quadrant. Where are the female national broadcasters in that quadrant? A woman must be either smart or good looking (it seems this is the preferred parameter) to have a spot on national television.
I think ESPN in all fairness should hire an ugly and stupid woman to balance it out. I never see ugly women on broadcast television. Stupid women are there sometimes, but never both stupid and ugly.
Don’t tell me he is handsome because I’m prettier than him and only my wife thinks I’m handsome. (stupid goes without saying)