First Betty White, then Bob Saget, and now Meatloaf. 2022 has been a year that has just taken too many people I don't care about

Rocker would do anything for love, but he won’t do that


Betty White was a national treasure.

Bob Saget…vanished after the 1980’s and was never heard from or about until his announced death.

Meatloaf will always be Eddie, the Teenaged Restless Soul hooked on Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll. (Oh, and Frankie, it wasn’t a mercy killing. It was murder.) Yes, Rocky Horror was a Friday and Saturday night staple at the Blue Mouse.

If this is a reminder of anything, it is none of us are getting any younger. :wink:

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So I’m sorry for the joke headline and I appreciate that people feel a real connection with celebrities and mourn their loss. I’ve never felt that way though. But I’ve kind of kept it to myself because it makes me a feel like psychopath or something not feeling sorrow for someone’s death. (Side note: How do you know you aren’t a psychopath? Psycopaths never worry about being psychopaths.)

I did receive some assurances though when, out of the blue, two nights ago my wife said to me, “Can you explain to me why people are still acting so sad about Betty White?” And I laughed because I realized two psychopaths had obviously found each other and pretended to be in love for over 20 years.


Great rocker and had a few fun acting appearances. While well known for being in Rocky Horror, he also beat the hell out of a car in the movie Americathon.

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How does this list lack the best actor?


Because my heart was broken that day.


You bothered making the effort to start a thread about something you don’t care about, and then even responded in that thread, yet you don’t care, something doesn’t add up, I guess we all get that troll itch from time to time.


I feel that these people are icons and their passing should be marked but, geez, Meat Loaf hasn’t done anything interesting since Bat Out of Hell and yes I’m aware of the sequel album. And yeah, Bob Saget for the same reasons.

However, Betty White has proven to be a very interesting person right up to her death and I will fight you if you think it’s not a sad thing she didn’t make it to 100.

Betty White was great, and hey I sat in the theaters and watched the invitation to her 100th birthday party too. I’m not saying I can’t recognize it isn’t sad, I’m saying I’ve never felt a (non-sarcastic) need to mourn or pay tribute to a celebrity I didn’t personally know. It doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate their contribution.

But I realize that many people feel real connections to these people. I also couldn’t give a rip about celebrities I’ve met, nor can I ever imagine asking for an autograph. Actually, I can imagine that…

When I was in college I worked for HBO Sports and Wimbledon. Pete Sampras was the dude at the time. I worked at center court and helped the ‘talent’ interview athletes after matches. One of the producers showed up with a Pete Sampras poster, explained his niece was a huge fan and wanted me to get him to sign the poster for her. So I had to ask him for his autograph on the poster and tried to explain it was for a producer’s niece. Sampras looked at me like, “Yeah right…” and signed it. I felt like an idiot before, that took it to 11.

Bottom line, I think my hero worship part of my brain is sadly underdeveloped. I can’t think of a person alive today I would be excited to meet… besides @NewbombTurk .


I tend to be sad about celebrities that still had time to do great work. Betty is sad but not in the sense they were snuffed out before their time. Sagat was great on the stage. He is a touring comedian and was on tour. Plus, it’s the idea of your own mortality.

I know some celebrities that mean more to me because of their art and contribution than deadbeat uncles. I’m like you though on celebrity worship though. Having worked in Politics, TV and radio I have met some famous people but they are just that, people. I usually like their art and ideas than them personally. All that said I have mutual with Sagat and Louie Anderson and both are supposedly good dudes.

How is it any different from mourning Ty Jordan or Aaron Lowe? Most of us didn’t know them but it’s still a big deal to many of us. Is that a joke to you too? I’m not saying how you should feel but some consistency is lacking, I don’t recall you trivializing those deaths in the same way. Really, just what kind of a psychopath are you?

And now for our daily reminder about protocol:

You can usually get @RockerUte to answer questions, serious or otherwise, by simply asking them. The additional action of characterizing him as a psychopath, is unnecessary and customarily left to @NewbombTurk. :slight_smile:


He called himself a psychopath and I was just respecting how he identifies.

Betty White died all the way back in 2021.

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This year gets even worse, knowing I was wrong.

Up for a fight today it seems?

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