Fire Ludwig!

Kidding of course, but the play calling has included some head scratchers thus far.

In the end, he called a really good game. The execution by the offense looked great to me, but I’m not a coach.

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I agree. The first quarter was rough though.

Nah. Utah wanted to spot the Huskies a few TDs to get them right where they wanted them. Utah delivered a humiliating loss to those Dawgs on their home field. So much for bye weeks wins, so much for wins after a prior week loss, so much for Washington’s hex over the Utes, so much for Peterson’s out coaching KW, so much for Utah not winning big games on the road in November, so much for Washington getting terrific Utah HS recruits, so much for the vaunted Eason. No, the Utes played Washington like a fiddle.

You know, all stories are true, and some actually happened. So that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

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Olesini was not ready. The entire first quarter demise was on the OL blocking and putting Bam in there was most of the issues.

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Yea, Whitt as much as admitted that the lack of offense early was due to line play. Probably rushed to get Bam in before the line had time to absorb the change.

Post game they said Bam started because of an injury. Then Bam got hurt so they had to shift things around. Moala didn’t practice all week.