FB - guys who haven't broke out yet + newbies

Thought I’d start a thread about the guys who haven’t emerged quite yet, or who are otherwise newbies still learning the ropes.

Jaylen Dixon WR #25 - Jet quick, had a huge FR year, took a year off. UPDATE - disregard, he’s back to being a star & with a QB with a great arm, Dixon’s a legit threat that makes opposing DCs lose sleep. Couldn’t be happier to see him back and doing what he can do.

Tavion Thomas RB #9 - the mystery is what is holding TT from more carries. Is it the new position coach Quinton Ganther (who’s reportedly a real hard ■■■, but knows a lot about what it takes), is there something else? I don’t know, but based on what happened last year, if Tavion is our closer this year, I wouldn’t be more pleased. He’s worked way too hard to let some frustration derail what he’s capable of.

Munir McClain TE #4 - transfer from USC, got caught up in the Kuithe & Kincaid show last year, but McClain’s had 2 games where he’s getting snaps & receptions, and there’s nothing but upside in his game. Never too late, glad this dude is in SLC! (What am I talking about? He’s a Soph!)

FR QB Nate Johnson #13 - Nate’s been pretty active on social media, is relentlessly upbeat, a leader. I keep an eye on the bench. Not sure if he’d be QB3 if something happened - that might be JJ because of experience - but Nate’s been wearing a QB net with headphones, was talking a lot with Rising when Barnes came in. (Might have been talking with Barnes a lot, too, wasn’t watching then). It’s probably too much to ask an 18 year old to go out there and lead us to victory - who’s not named Brian Johnson - but here’s part of why they like Nate Johnson’s future at the U:

It’s been kind of fun to watch Lander Barton - crazy athletic but he gets burned sometimes which is probably the first time in his life having that happen. It’s fun seeing him grow into the assignment sound part of the game.


Maybe I haven’t watched closely enough, but I expected more out of the Calvert brothers. Have injuries been a factor?

Great call - it’s also nice for somebody like Lander to have a supporting cast around him. Long gone are the days when a talented FR would automatically start, on a marginal team. If he’s out there, he’s good, and whatever mistakes happen are part of the process, similar to when LB Spencer Toone was getting yelled at as a Soph, because he was talented enough to learn by fire.

Other guys who are beyond their years in contributing are Michael Mokofisi OL #52 who is blowing people up at the LOS, Zeroue Williams #76 on the OL, Zemaiah Vaughn (of course) and a lot of guys who are getting their feet wet on ST, like FS Clayton Isbell #12, and guys I’m not remembering.

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Ethan Calvert #0 was dressed, looked like he was ready. I didn’t see Josh Calvert #14, but he could have been there. Lotta people on the sidelines at home games.