Favorite memories of Football with Alex Smith

Watching Alex take apart TDS…karma delivered in all its splendor.

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2003 vs Cal.

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One of my favorites was in 2004 when Utah was playing CSU. Utah was up 42-3 late in the second quarter and 56-10 in the third. Meyer cleared the bench, and the backups promptly allowed CSU to score three consecutive touchdowns in the fourth quarter. So Meyer puts Smith and the first-team offense back in. Alex quickly slices through the defense with ease and adds a late TD say “screw you” to the Rams.


Putting the first string was Urban’s way of saying “hey we called off the dogs a long time ago, take a message and put YOUR second string in”


I get the point of that decision, but at the same time, what if Alex (or another starter) got injured during the garbage time?

Those were great wins. Truthfully, though, Alex’s two games against BYU were perhaps the statistically worst of his Utah career. In the '04 games, he threw two of his only four interceptions all year and had less than 200 yards passing. In '03, he had a pick and less than 100 yards passing (of course, the weather played a factor). But he led the team to victories in what were huge wins.