Favorite Logos/Traditions?

Hey guys! Just joined the community - I’m Connor and I help run Homefield. We make premium (read: extra comfortable) college apparel, and try to make unique/vintage designs for schools of all sizes. We know that no matter how much research we do, it’ll never compare to the knowledge of die-hards, which is why we joined this community.

We have a few Utes items on the site right now, and we want to add even more-we’re working right now for potential use of vintage marks, which would greatly help this cause. This is where you come in. No one loves the Utes and the school more than you, and we want to learn from the experts.

Mainly: what are your favorite Utah logos/traditions? We only want to make apparel that serves the most passionate fans, and we take that input quite seriously.

Even if you don’t have any favorite logos/traditions, if you ever are thinking about ordering some Utes stuff, let me know and I’ll be sure to hook you up with a solid discount.


One of my favorite new traditions is rival atheism. When the Utes joined the Pac12, many many Ute fans stopped having faith that a rival existed any longer.

And of course byu helped establish the rival atheism tradition by going independent and convincing the world it doesn’t exist, as Verbal Kent would say.

Have anything along those lines?

Favorite logo? Anything besides the newly resurrected interlocking U that looks like it was designed by a 6th grader on MS Paint. It’s truly horrible. The Block U had been refined over the years to something very nice and as soon as it gets traction, they switch. Typical Utah though.


Agree with UteKing. The block U was beautiful.

This is all really good information -thank you, all! We want to make sure we’re making apparel that serves the die-hards the best, and this is exactly that.

I actually like the interlocking U’s as currently used by club sports on campus. I like the Block U as well. And of course you can’t go wrong with the Drum and Feather. As long as you get everything approved by the trademark and licensing office you will be fine.


Back in my day we used interlocked Us, but not block Us, like the U on the OU logo. That’s always been my favorite because it’s a cleaner look.

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I love the logo that has the word “the” inside the block U (link below) also if you’re offering a discount, i’d love to buy that hoodie on your site.

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Didn’t Urban start something when he was here using the “Utah Man” theme from the fight song? Did he designate a local player on the team to serve as the Utah Man for the game? I would like to see some gear using the Utah Man theme, or for the gals, Utah Woman.

I always prefer Ute gear with the drum and feather. Also, looked at your sight briefly and saw that 3 out of the 4 Ute products offered were only available in gray, the other was a faded red. How about actual red, black, and white as color options? I personally wouldn’t buy gray and prefer real bright red over the faded red stuff that we see too much of already IMHO.

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