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This is a message about transformation. Two years ago, the new publishers of UteFans.net decided that they wanted to reimagine the original message board beloved by countless Ute Fans. Many of you remember: Started in 1999 by Chris Evans, Utefans.net quickly became a hub for Utah Sports for many memorable years. Unfortunately, Chris passed in 2017, and the site was left in a state of disarray. With a little luck and a lot of hard work, a few of us had the privilege of saving the site and bringing it to where it is today.

As Urban Meyer said prior to the 2004 football season, “You ain’t seen nothing yet!” Now, in 2021, Utefans.net has decided to expand even farther. We have added capable new staff and we have revamped the website. Our primary goal: to give the college athlete a unique new voice.

Utefans.net is now more than just a message board. It will be a digital platform designed to tell the true story of the student-athlete. In other words, Utefans.net is back with a vengeance—keeping the best old traditions while adding multiple new features that will delight all Ute fans.

Moving forward, you will see Utefans.net serving as an information and discussion portal for ALL University of Utah Division 1 sports. We will support the athletes and the school we love. We want advocacy for our athletes, and we want the University of Utah to shine. We are grateful for the many contributions our members have made over the years, and we invite you to join us now as we all see that diverse network expand.

Go Utes!

Utefans.net Staff

A crowd pleaser!!
On the edge of my seat the whole time!!
4 out of 4 stars!!
Best Website Ever Made!!

You guys do great work and I am impressed by the expansion. I have a sense that Chris would love this very much, and you have not only kept that legacy but have grown and improved it.

I am on board with my support.


I have been away for a while, but I am enjoying getting back into the swing of things.

Thanks, Rocker.


Special thanks to Rocker, LAUte, and Mrs. LAUte for their efforts in this exciting new chapter for Utefans. It has taken months to get to this point and I’m glad we were able to roll out in time for rivalry week. Chris would be proud, Pangloss would be proud, and so would many other posters who have supported this amazing site over the years. We really are the “Original Home for Ute Fans”.


It’s fantastic!
Classy and contemporary.
This is a sterling example of Utah professionalism, athlete recognition and synergy with so many worthwhile academic, and civic achiements throughout Utah and the world we serve.
@Steggys_Mixtapes, @LAUte, @RockerUte and others; Thank you for preserving the UFN site by seeing “over the horrizon…” not only for Chris’s legacy and passion, but for the institution we all know. love and benefit from.
I hope we all can find ways to contribute for many years to come



The new build looks great. Easy to navigate, well laid out. I really like it.


For the record 100% of the credit goes to @Steggys_Mixtapes on this - this is his vision, he’s done all the legwork, has the network, and he has either created the content or enlisted the help of some of our famous posters here.


Thanks to all of you for such an amazing turnaround for UFN. Site looks great, community is fantastic, and I really enjoy the site.

Can’t wait to see what comes next!


There’s another hero in this story whom we must acknowledge: Mrs. LA Ute. She is an accomplished advertising and strategic electronic media consultant–and a Utes fan. When Rocker and I launched the updated site several years ago, she began suggesting that we do more with UF.net, that it could be much more than an excellent message board. Well, we thought so too, but we did not have the time to do much with that vision. Maybe someday…

Then along came Steggys. He shared Mrs. LA’s vision and more. And he did have the time, the energy, the commitment, and the sheer love of Utah athletics necessary to take us to the next level. He worked closely with Mrs. LA, who provided hours and hours of her own valuable time, free of charge, to help Steggys know how to turn ingenious ideas into visually pleasing and impactful reality. Many of the visual ideas you see expressed on the new site begin with her.

Meanwhile, Steggys was executing on his vision of expanding the site’s mission to include championing the student athlete, using podcasts and profiles to do so, reaching out to former Ute athletes and involving them in UF.net. He did the pick and shovel work, literally running around the Wasatch Front, lining up podcast interviews with beloved Utes of the recent past. He’s now conducting the interviews himself. We’re going to see and hear a lot more about those encounters in the very near future.

Bottom line: Without the brilliant synergistic partnership between Steggys and Mrs. L.A., we would not be where we are. We all owe the two of them a big thank you. (Mrs. LA will remain available to us as a consultant–as long as I don’t make any really big mistakes at home.)

Go Utes!


I skimmed the new site and especially liked this part:

Please never remove that feature. Possibly link to riseandshout.net with their permission because the picture is always awesome.

Is the counter static? riseandshout.net says 4300.

It is dynamic based off the date but looks like a caching issue I need to fix. I also suspect that riseandshout.net has a different server time, hence the day faster. I was planning just for rivalry week, because it is hard to waste really any bandwidth on them - but we’ll see.

Thanks to everyone.

Q: How to I set it so the most recent post comes up first—I e, newest to oldest. I can’t figure it out I could on the old board. Thanks

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What about a “on this day in UF.net history” that links back to a popular post/topic on that day 15 years ago? I would get a kick out of reading some of those old posts.

All that content is still archived, right?


That’s fine, I was just teasing about my favorite feature. riseandshout.net fills the need (and I guess I usually only look it up on rivalry week).

That would be cool, but I vaguely remember reading that all the old content was lost when the new board was created (I’m sure @RockerUte, @LAUte, or @Steggys_Mixtapes can confirm).

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It isn’t lost, it has been just been archived - it just costs about $300/mo to keep live because of its sizable girth.

Every time I think about cleaning it up, I launch it again to take a look, spend about 3 minutes before I get overwhelmed by the mess it is, and return it to archive for a better time.

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Let it go. It’s okay to let it go. I for one will sleep better knowing my past posts are gone forever. Who wants others to be able to look up dumb crap we said 12 years ago?


Hey Rocker, does that include the old photo gallery?

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It was the entire server that I created an image of… so if it was on there when we took over… yes.

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