Ever notice Tina Fey's Allstate commercial

At the end she is in the left lane. Her St. Bernard is barking at a pug in a car that had to stop hard behind a cab stopped at a crosswalk. She drives on through the crosswalk at full speed. That’s an awfully dangerous move - did the cab stop for someone in the crosswalk?

I watch too much TV.

I like the way you think.
They’re both excellent actors and, it’s a funny add, but it also contributes to a snarky, cynical esprit. IMHO

So it’s actually a green light that she drives through. I assume the cab is stopping because it’s turning right and there’s someone in that crosswalk.

You do watch to much TV.

Fun Fact: in the one where Tina asks Dean Winters (Dog/mayhem) “who’s the dummy now?” Is a shout out to 30 Rock where Dean plays her boyfriend and calls Tina’s character Dummy.