ESPN FPI in re Washington and the rest of the PAC-12

Here is some interesting data:

Teams played (PAC 12) efficiency ratings Defense: (Utah’s Offense is eighth)

Cal: 25

Oregon State: 112

ASU: 40

USC: 39

WSU: 97

Wash: 32

Our offense had some reasonable success against some efficient defenses. ASU was bad, but that can be attributed to TH getting hurt. Cal, the best defense to date they got destroyed. BYU is top 50 and got walloped.

Offensive efficiencies: (Utah is 5th in defensive efficiency)

Cal: 94

Oregon State: 20

ASU: 64

USC: 22

WSU: 5

Wash: 25

We have played three really good offensive teams. We got beat by one and destroyed the top 5 and top 20. I think Washington’s scheme is easier for Utah to deal with than SC’s. I am feeling pretty good about this game.

I like your analysis and confidence.