Early transfer predictions

Know first that I have no inside information about any pending transfers, this is just how I see it playing out. MVK is gone. Since they didn’t redshirt him and he is getting next to zero mins, I can’t see him sticking around with two other Freshman centers ahead of him. At the begging of the season I thought Carlson and Thioune would both be good and battle for playing time. I like both of them over last years big, but with Jantunen getting so many minutes at the 5 spot, I see one of them moving on to a program that will utilize them more. Again, early in the year I would’ve picked Lahat to go, but after the last 5-6 games, my guess is Carlson bolts. His first 7-8 games he was getting 4 or 5 shots and 7 or 8 points a game, with a couple of dunks for good measure. I think he has only had 4 or 5 shot attempts in the last 5 games combined, and his minutes have dropped. The fact that he was better 2 months ago seems like a confidence issue or the coaches have given up on him. Maybe they are trying to change his game and it has to get worse before it gets better. No idea, but the current progression doesn’t look good. My prediction is that 2 of our 3 bigs are in the transfer portal by April. With no centers in our next recruiting class I’m hoping we can keep both Thioune and Carlson for the next couple years. It would be great if that “big man development” Larry is known for would start showing some results.

I see what you’re saying, and I fear that you may be right. Still, I hope that Carlson and Thioune spend a lot of time in the weight room this summer. With 20 additional pounds each they would be much more effective. I first saw this problem against San Diego State, where they were both pushed around, and ineffective as a result, for the entire game.

I totally agree that all 3 of our Freshmen bigs need 20+ pounds of muscle to make more of an impact in the paint. Both MVK and Carlson haven’t had a full off season to just eat, work, lift, and play ball. Since Thioune is a red shirt and has been with the program longer, I’m more optimistic about the other two making better progress in this area.
I’ll never forget Poeltl’s first game against SUU his sophomore year, it was easy to see how much he had changed his body from the end of his freshman season. I’m hopeful we can see something similar with our young centers.

If I recall, K3 wanted to RS MVK. Neither he nor his parents wanted that. I think the rationale was “…if I don’t play against good competition, I won’t get better.” The Catch-22 is, he won’t play anyway because he has so much development to do.

If he’s wise, he’ll stick with LK. But kids his age often act unwisely.

One thing I don’t get is parents who insist on these types of things - a kid I can get. But from a parent’s perspective, why not keep your kid in school for an extra year on a full-ride scholarship? Get a degree, work on your masters… If you are NBA material it won’t matter either way.


Stupid parents beget stupid kids. Parents are too close to their children’s situation and rarely realize how unlikely it is their kids will make it to any professional sport.

If my kids ever have any modicum of D1 ability, which they won’t, I hope and pray that I will have better perspective.


It absolutely does not have to be that way. Lahat, with his frame, can easily get minutes at 4 to take some pressure off Timmy and allow him more time at the 3. No doubt Carlson needs some beef, but I’m not going to read too much into his minutes lately as I think that has more to do with matchups. Especially with Buffs, I think Larry was thinking maybe quickness would counter the strength differential, but turns out there was no answer. I’m not saying that it won’t happen, but it’s short sighted by whoever bails.

As for the comments RE MVK, if it was his parents decision, it seems like it’s not a good one. But we are assuming that Larry said “Matt will likely not see real minutes this year so we’d like to redshirt him, which would give him another year eligibility.” To which family said “no”. If that’s the case, not sure what can be done there.

Because everyone today wants instant success without having to put in the time and work.

If I recall correctly, red shirting MVK was the plan. No idea if the parents/player said yes or no, but there was an article last November about the 3 headed monster at center. In the article Coach K said MVK was playing so well in practice they were rethinking the red shirt idea. I also know that our bigs have been injury prone the last few years (both Jayce and Lahat got hurt last year) maybe the coaching staff felt that 2 bigs wouldn’t be enough to get us through the season.

Lahat has very limited skills (offensively or defensively) from more than 5 or 6 feet from the hoop. Between Miki and Batin there is no reason Timmy needs to play the 4. Moreover, Utah really plays with 4 perimeter players and 1 post player. We play Jones, Allen, Goch, Batin, Miki and Brenchley on the perimeter. What we could use, IMO, is another perimeter guy who can Timmy a breather.


Timmy can’t shoot from outside 10’ but is highly adept at driving, finishing, and posting. To me, Batin should be playing 2/3, not 4. Even though he is bigger, he is more of a threat from outside, but can go inside if he get’s mismatched on defense.

I understand Lahat is limited offensively but he has the quickness and athleticism to be a really good compliment to share time with Miki at the 4 if he can improve his offensive game. I just don’t know if he’ll ever have the strength and beef to really compete for minutes at the 5.

At the end of the day, there are really only guards, forwards, and centers. I don’t see Lahat as a center just like I don’t see Timmy as a guard. Jones, Goch, Brenchley, Plummer are guards, Timmy, Batin, Miki, are forwards (I’d like to see Lahat join that group), and right now, Carlson, Lahat, MVK are centers. At least in my view.

Battin is not athletic enough to play outside, other than to spot up for a 3. Mikki is a better player & should start next year.
Carlson is not in shape–due to his mission. He gets tired quickly. I don’t see him leaving.
Not sure what they can do with MVK. He also is not in game shape–asked to come out the only game where he played over 5 minutes.

Perimeter help is coming next year: Martinez & the Swede at 1/2 & Thor at the 3.

Ore St blows out AZ by 17–young teams do not do well on the road.


I think we should be starting Jones, Gach, Allen, Jantunen, and Carlson by season’s end. That gives us Battin, Brenchley, and Thione off the bench. If Carlson can step up a little, it will pay off big. The offense needs a post option.


I agree with that.