Dumb question about online tickets

I am trying to add my ticket to today’s game to my Wallet account on my iPhone. On this step, the Utah ticket site is very puzzling, and quite counterintuitive. In other words, I can’t figure it out. It seems like for we the Weber State game I didn’t have this problem. Maybe they tweaked the download function. Sending tickets to other people is easy, but to me, not this. Anyway, can someone help a fellow out?

I’m assuming you have downloaded the University of Utah ticket app. If not, start there. If you have, I can’t help you.

Turn your phone to landscape view. You will get your Apple wallet icon visible so you can download them.

Thank you @RockerUte

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Thanks. I was just using the website, not the app. Maybe that will be easier.

My iPhone will not switch out of portrait into landscape on the Utah Tickets app. It will on every other app under the sun, but not that one. I’ll figure it out. I know there is a solution!

I logged into the tickets portal using the safari feature on my phone, instead of the app. Safari let me turn the page to landscape. Use the login page


Again, thank you @RockerUte

It did not work for me through the website. The app has been easy.

I think the app needs some work. I am hearing from others about bugs.