DuckDuckGo, Mozilla, EFF Launch Internet Privacy Controls

This looks interesting. Will it catch on?

I’ve been using duck duck go and brave. Mozilla gets used once in awhile.

It will be interesting to see what the reaction will be for digital marketing aggregators, display marketing platforms like Criteo, and other ecommerce businesses who utilize this data. It could also have an impact on website personalization efforts. Any site that subscribes to external data feeds and APIs which bring in customer data to serve up personalized ads and site experience could be impacted as well. Large websites and platforms like Facebook will be able to preserve their own internal knowledge graphs but won’t be able to market that data externally as well. It will change the types of data that Google can sell.

I kind of like those consequences.

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I think you will find a mixed bag. I suspect there will be some folks who invoke the privacy standard but then complain because the site experience they are used to on certain websites will change because the site can no longer access the data used to provide the personalized experience. :slight_smile:

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