Does USC’s new Athletics Director mean no Urban Meyer?

Interesting take by Mike Plaschke:

Probably no Urban, but if the article is true then his hire could be good for the conference.

A stable U$C would be at least an improvement overall.

I suspect that will help us too, better competition breeds better results.

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U$C needs to settle it’s ass down and focus on doing things the right way. If they do that, the programs recruit themselves for hell’s sake.

Given the flurry of problems they have had, any other athletic program would’ve collapsed into obscurity. Adding a new coach that will bring with him the problems of two previous stops is no bueno.

I like Urban, but I agree with Plaschke here. He will not be walking through that door. My guess is it will be one of the second-tier SEC HC’s looking to get out of the shadow of Saban and Smart.

I don’t see how an improved USC is good for us in any way. As long as they keep floundering, we have a chance to win the south. We also have a chance to land the kind of recruits who always went to USC in the past.

Rather than rooting for a USC return to glory, I’m rooting for Utah to rise to become the primary power in the south.