Does anyone know a place I can use a car lift?

I need to replace the two rear knuckles on my son’s 2003 Ford Explorer. I like working on cars and would like to teach my son how to do a few things. Typically I do simple repairs in my driveway - and I replaced the front wheel bearings a month or so ago, but it is too cold and this is a job I don’t want to be crawling around on the ground.

I’m curious if anyone knows of a place where I can use their lift… I’m happy to pay - just don’t want to be crawling around on what may be a little labor intensive.

There used to be a place in Murray. It may still be there. I think it was on Vine St, near the train tracks. Near the old fish food making plant. It was on the south side of the road. I have no clue if it’s still there or not. But this may jog someone’s memory. It was there 9 years ago when we last lived in the SL Valley.

I found it on a satellite map. It’s just east of the freeway on Vine Street. Stand alone building. Still not sure if still is in business, but I found the building.

Vine Street Auto Sales & Rentals shares a parking lot with what used to be the garage.

edit to add the info on Vine Street Auto Sales

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Nice. I’ll check it out. Not terribly far from me.

Hope it helps. I’m going off a 9 year old memory, so please don’t be surprised if it’s no longer there.

The place you’re thinking of was/is? On Murray/Taylorsville Rd, not Vine. I think it’s still there. I drive by there a lot - so frequently I never look there anymore. Used to be an MG specialty shop there and it’s close to Mustang Ranch which specializes in pony car restoring.

Uh, yeah, sounds about right.

Like I told Rocker, this has been 9 years. Things change. I hope that it’s still there. I always thought the garage type business was a good idea. Pay by the hour or so.

If you are military or fed employee, bases sometimes have garages that you can use. Not sure if Hill AFB has one though