Did anyone hear this quote?

I was listening to the Utah Football Fans Podcast on YouTube. They mentioned the following quote given by an unnamed Florida Gator:

“I’m so sick and tired of hearing about Utah. OMG, they’re a favorite. F— that! It’s opening night in The Swamp. By the time Tom Petty is playing, Utah will not be. They’re about to be married to this L, bro. It’s gonna be touchdowns on touchdowns. I’m sick and tired of hearing about Utah. What have they shown anybody? They’re coming to The Swamp at night, Utah has no chance. Abandon all hope. Only Gators get out alive.”

So, has anyone else heard about this?

Keep the faith!!!

I hope someone said that. Even if they didn’t, the coaches should approach it as if they had.


Tried to link a twitter response from Robert Johnson. Anyway, it appears to be a real thing from a Gator. Don’t know if it was a player or a fan


I think this is what you’re looking for.


Yep. That’s it. Thanks for sharing. I can’t believe he would actually say that on video!!!


BECAUSE it’s in the swamp, a night game, and their home opener, they will only lose by less than a touchdown.



Wonder, if it is a player, if the team isn’t all that confident in their chances. Ergo, lash out in this manner.

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@Ancientute - it is GREAT to see you back on UFN. Welcome back, we hope you post often!


Weirdly that doesn’t look like Rashad Torrence unless he’s had reconstructive surgery in the off season. That said, you are going to the swamp. The biggest S Hole in the SEC that will leave you with swamp ■■■. UF and Mississippi State are annoying not intimidating to play at. Maybe if you were at LSU at night but the myth playing Florida at home is a big deal is hilarious. They have not played a non conference game outside their state since 1991. They have not won a non conference away game outside of Florida since Reagan’s second administration. ■■■■ UF!


The guy talking doesn’t look like Rashad Torrence to me either.

Some of the Bama fans info is a bit inaccurate. We opened the the 2017 season against MIchigan at Jerry’s World, so the “have not played a non conference game outside their state since 1991” is wrong.

Also, the bama fan does not remember the obvious 2006 national championship game against Ohio State, which we won and was played in Arizona. Scratch the “have not won a non conference away game outside of Florida sinc Reagan’s second administration” stuff.

We have two non conference opponents in state, and they used to be powers in college football. While FSU and Miami are down like we are, it was not always that way. We did not have to travel outside of the state to meet a non conference power in those days, so while he is technically correct, it is misleading.

I think the bama fans’ description of our stadium is off the mark, and one wonders why the angst. It could use some improvements, which are one of the next things to happen, in terms of sound systems and scoreboards and video screens, wifi connections and the like, that is true.

UF has had substandard Football and Basketball teams for a while now, and that is disappointing. However, when it comes to over all academics and athletics, UF has nothing to be ashamed of frankly. UF has won national championships in just about every sport played at one point or another, and if you compare SEC championships in all sports with other SEC schools, it isn’t even close. UF has won 255 conference championships, and 2nd best is a distant second.

Academically, UF is one of the top public institutions in the country, and so we have nothing to be ashamed. of unlike what the bama fan would have you believe.

So there. :slightly_smiling_face:






I guess you get to run this smack since Bama is actually playing a true road game this year. But I might note that you hadn’t played a true road game in the regular season from 2012 until now. (I didn’t bother to check prior to 2012)


The guy probably graduated from Alabama, and well, most of them are a bunch of gumps anyway. It is like that line from the movie…

“Have you given any thought about your future, son?”

Forrest says…“Thought?”

lol…They do have a helluva football team though.



This is a UTE board so I am not going to drag the SEC thing here, but to be honest I have no angst against Bama. Unprecedented success, and you can’t help but respect and admire that.

When it comes to hate, it has to be those butt sniffers in Athens, GA. They don’t like us and we do not like them, and believe me, that is the way it ought to be.

Ok, that is all I will say about that.



Looks like bulletin board material. It should help get the players fired up.


Neutral site games aren’t home and homes. That was the point. Anyone can play neutral or in state. Florida is infamous for bad scheduling. Also, the national title game isn’t on the schedule. UF voted against more SEC games. Alabama is the only school pushing to drop FCS games and add another conference game.

I’ve been as a fan and for work. Easily the worst place I’ve been for a game. Second was Mississippi State.

Nah, I went to a private college. I have a ton of friends that are UF fans. I just had the worst experiences there. The fans I was around wanted to talk about Tim Tebow. In a very annoying way. Not in a conversational way. In 2013…. Like, come on. I went during the early 2000s for work. I like the campus, I like the arena, I like the fans…… HATE Attending a football game there. I’m also a Spurrier fan and what he did there. Plus, the new coach is a former Saban assistant. So you are right, no real rivalry. Same with Mississippi State, hate attending games there. Nothing personal. FWIW, Alabama isn’t a great place to watch a game either. Our fans and Ohio State are in a battle for the biggest douchenozzles that compete for National Titles. SC wins for irrelevant teams for the biggest douchenozzle fans.

We’ve been complaining about it as well. Saban tried to get Home and Homes. He advocated dropping FCS for another SEC game and was outvoted.

But, Alabama on the back half of his career has a good schedule. Minus the stupid FCS games:
2022- Utah State, At Texas, ULM and Austin Peay
2023- MTSU, Texas, at USF and Chattanooga
2024- WKU, USF, at Wisconsin and Mercer
2025- At FSU, ULM, Wisconsin and Eastern Illinois
2026- At WVU, USF, Florida State
2027-WVU, at Ohio State
2028- Ohio State, UT Martin, at Ok State
2029-at Notre Dame, Ok State (Saban’s last contract year)
2030- at Ga Tech, Notre Dame
2031- Ga Tech, at Boston College
2032- Arizona (at OU was scheduled but that’s now conference)
2033- at Arizona (Home OU was scheduled but now Conf)
2034- at Va Tech, Boston College
2035-Va Tech

So, looking back we went to Penn State, Oklahoma, and UCLA but it wasn’t common. Glaring issue. I think they rectified that. Nobody wants to see just conference games, the sacrificial FCS and G5 games at home. They gave the best matchup to neutral sites.

Hi BamafanNKY,

Well, we are scheduling a home and home with Utah. Is that ok? :slight_smile:

I have heard criticisms of our schedule in the past, and there is a little merit to it, but again, in the past, we did not have to travel out of our home state to play national powers. FSU and MIami are rebuilding now, like we are, but in the past playing an SEC schedule with FSU every year and Miami sprinkled in, was tough enough.

I regret you have had bad experiences at UF. It does happen, and it has happened to me at away games with Tenn fan, Georgia fan, and LSU fan. However it is interesting you mention Buckeye fan. They are, hands down, and without a doubt, the worse. Imho, not even close. Bama fan are easy compared to those entitled jackwagons.

Not that you need it, but good luck to your team this season. No ill will here towards Alabama.


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I also think going in September was part of why I have had bad experiences in Gainesville. Lord knows I am not built for that humidity after a Thunderstorm. It’s why I refuse to take the fam to Walt Disney World between June and September. October to mid May only, lol.

Alabama fans from the early 2000s and prior are great. Post 2009 Sugar Bowl fans ruined the games for me.


Thunderstorms in (at least) central Florida in the summer are “biblical” but brief, in my experience. In Orlando it was 3p on the dot, cleared out by 4p.

How much does it differ in early September in Gainesville?

(We’ve had a month+ of “monsoon” flow from the Pacific, which for us mostly means the grass is no longer completely yellow, and a few places in S. Utah have gotten flash floods. Much different summer than last year, which was eternal smoke from California wildfires.)