Devon Daniels puts up 25 on NC State's rout of Duke

Neat. But he was punching people here and I’m not sure he would be a great fit after that incident.


Ball didn’t go in hoop.


I don’t know if he was really punching people at Utah – no reason not to believe it – but at this point I don’t care. We’ve heard too many stories about players the coaches recruited hard and gave scholarships to who later - unforeseeably! - turned out to be “bad fits.” If Devin did behave badly here I hope he’s grown and changed.

Have to keep in mind these are young athletes in their late teens/early 20s. Lord knows I had some reckless behavior at that age (didn’t throw punches at people though, will keep in mind these were ‘allegations’ not necessarily ever confirmed)

Maybe the punching incident is indicative of Larry doing a poor job of leading the team and driving a decent culture.

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Perhaps. But regardless, it’s obvious it was t working here. I sense in lamenting it now.

What were the allegations? That all went down at a weird time for me, so I’m not sure that I ever heard what he was alleged to have done. Who did he allegedly throw punches at, and what was the context as far as we know?