Depth Chart for Weber State

A few things that jump out:

LT - haven’t settled on Bam or Kump, yet. Everything else looks OK on OL, Kaumatule as the 2 at RT behind Simi Moala is notable.

RB - revealed nothing. Bernard / Thomas / Pledger / Curry

WR-X - Theo Howard gets the nod over Devaughn Vele. Interested to see how that evolves.

Ali’i Niumatalolo is the 2 behind Kuithe and the FB Ludwig.


The 2s at LB - Karene Reid (brother of Gabe) and the younger Calvert. Included the Stud LB for when we’re in a true 4-3

Faybian Marks #23 behind Broughton #4 at left CB, last year’s mystery walkon Zemaiah Vaughn #16 behind Phillips #8 at the right CB.

Aaron Lowe #22 cracks the 2 deep at NB (but it would likely be Phillips if Mataele #15 can’t go)

Behind Van Fillinger #7 at RE is FR Miki Suguturaga #47 6-4/264. (“Sungu-turanga”, I believe - Samoan name)

Suguturaga is Fijian

Britain Covey’s pronunciation is hilarious!

Nice article about Devaughn Vele: Utah Utes: Why is receiver Devaughn Vele so ‘crazy athletic’? - Deseret News

I get the impression Theo Howard has risen to the occasion, is battling Solo for primacy among the WRs. Hope with some QB accuracy that position group gets off to a great start on Thursday.

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Watching Brewer thread the needle and throw some guys open in the Spring game gives hope.

Truth is this Corp of receivers is the deepest I have seen in a long time. Alex Smith was surrounded by some good ones, but they were one each.

I’m thinking the last time we were really deep at the receivers was when Scott Mitchell was starting. I remember Fassel having to platoon guys in and out to keep them fresh and catching the ball.