Depth chart anyone?

  • Thompson has NFL potential, when healthy.
  • Nacua is an above average WR in the P12.
  • Dixon can get deep as good as anyone.
  • Covey is special when healthy.
  • Kuithe is a second round NFL talent.
  • Enis has potential.
  • Young-Smith was a starter for us a few years ago and had highlight reel catches.
  • Vele is a guy who everyone is hyping up. I’m not buying into at this point. There is always that camp guy when everyone is looking for the next big thing that doesn’t ever translate to the field (Boyd, Young a few years ago, etc). That’s Vele for me. I’ll believe it when I see it and I don’t live in Utah anymore so I haven’t seen him but I never bought into Boyd watching him in practice (in fact, some 247 mods owe me food from some friendly wagers we made about Boyd).
  • Fotheringham is a receiving threat
  • Kincaid is a guy that is Ute fans do not appreciate. He is a HUGE transfer for us. He has NFL potential and will be a big factor in our offense. From Utah’s website:

“PRIOR TO UTAH: Played for the University of San Diego from 2018-19 … AP and Hero Sports All-American in 2019 … all-conference second-team honors as a sophomore … 44 receptions for 835 yards and eight touchdowns in 2019 … led all FCS tight ends in yards per catch in 2019 (18.98), ranking second among FCS tight ends in receiving yards (835) and receiving yards per game (69.6) … season-high 152 receiving yards on six catches with one TD at Cal Poly in 2019 … 374 receiving yards on 24 receptions with 11 touchdowns his freshman year … averaged 15.6 yards per catch in 2018 and 31.2 receiving yards per game … had four touchdowns and 87 yards at Nicholls State in 2018 … played just one year of high school football at Faith Lutheran HS in Las Vegas … earning all-state and all-conference … also played basketball.“

There is 8 players there. Plus we have Mataele, Green, Parks, and others that could fill in roles in the throw game.

So, while I’m not sure I buy the 8 deep narrative, this is by FAR the best WR group we’ve had in the PAC-12.


Draft picks DBs vs WRs in Whittingham era:

DBs - 14…many early round picks, average draft position of 109.

WRs - 2…a 5th and 7th round pick, average draft position of 204.

Forgive me if I’m not buying the hype about NFL talent in the WR group again.

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Depends on whether or not you include Kuithe with that group.

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I think we are talking past each other. I’m saying this:

NFL players: Kuithe, maybe Thompson
PAC-12 players: Nacua, Covey, Dixon, Enis

When has our WR group had that much talent?

This is our best WR group we’ve had in the P12. That’s it.

One NFL guy with a BIG maybe on Covey, Thompson and Fotheringham.

That’s all. We are getting better.


I hope you’re right but this is the 15th season in a row where the WR group is hyped to be the best ever. The WR group always has a bunch of names, and unknowns of high potential, take a look at our first season in PAC 12 for example…

Our WRs pre-season 2011:

Dres Anderson
Devontae Christopher
Kenneth Scott
Reggie Dunn
Luke Matthews
Anthony Denham
Sean Fitzgerald
Dexter Ransom
Charles Henderson
Quinton Pedroza

Bryan Thompson - Kenneth Scott was as good or better, Thompson has more speed but Scott had durability and no huge drops.

Britain Covey - he’s very exciting but his numbers aren’t better than Dres Anderson, not even close. Dres had some bad drops but Covey is fumble prone.

Jaylen Dixon - Reggie Dunn

Solomon Enis - not a speedster, good hands, blocks, like Luke Matthews

Samson Nacua - Devontae Christopher

Devaughn Vele - high potential, but not higher than Josh Gordon

Tyrone Young-Smith - Anthony Denham, played in the NFL.

That still leaves Dexter Ransom who was an athletic freak, and Charles Henderson who was a solid contributor, and Quinton Pedroza was a decent recruit, Sean Fitzgerald was spring gamer, was seen as having potential at the time.

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I haven’t heard much about nfl wide receivers on our team, but they are a good and deep group this year


That’s what I was trying to say.


I mean, he’s a good player to have in case Covey gets hurt, but not having him isn’t a huge loss. Wish him luck

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I get it, but why leave now? You won’t play in 2020 and it doesn’t effect eligibility…

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