Delusional Zoobs

Believing in their own hype

I’ve never understood the (f-bomb) dumb (f-bomb) mother (f-bomb) dumb (f-bomb) at Provo College for Clowns, but to say that:

If Pac 12 teams want to boost their strength of schedule for the College Football Playoff or at-large NY6 consideration, BYU would likely be the best available opponent to fill in.

They really think they’re that important?

I think it does make sense, actually.

The short answer, and eternal answer to your question, is yes. Those guys really do believe that they’re that important, and have for as long as I remember anything about them, going back to at least the 4th or 5th grade in 1980.


I would be hesitant to schedule them. They are the Covid Kings of Utah right now down in Provo. There is a fair probability of them needing to cancel games in the future.


How often does Utah lose a recruit to BYU? BYU hasnt been ranked in a final poll in more than a decade and they haven’t beaten Utah either.
Why legitimate that school by playing them?

The p5 is on the verge of another cut down to a 64 or 48 team league or less. Easiest way to make that happen is to drop the lower halves of the PAC12 and BIG12 and merge what’s left. Focus on playing those teams and winning there so Utah clears the next cut. No one spreading COVID at BYUs campus was alive for Steve Young’s RETIREMENT FROM THE NFL. BYU is never “coming back.” Any time or energy spent on BYU is losing the national picture to old fart local nostalgia.


I just flipped to the BYU game, I don’t even know what the announcers were talking about but the one announcer says, “We’ve got BYU after dark!” (The other announcers start laughing) “Who doesn’t love that?” (More laughing and then a slight pause…) Then another announcer says, “Uh, yeah it doesn’t quite have the same ring to it, does it?”

You can’t buy that kind of respect.


Covid isn’t a real thing.

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I made whoopie for the first time at BYU after dark.

Actually, the Chinese engineered it in a lab, then released it on the world…if you believe the lies.


I choose to disbelieve everything.

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Lol a free thinker.

Just leave it at that. No further justification is needed.



I don’t believe this for a minute, but If the P5 is going from 64 to 48 and they are going to merge the the Pac and Big XII, Utah is probably not making the cut.

We are only as good as our recent record. We played our way into the party and need to keep it up. It’s not set in stone of course but Big XII and PAC have been looking to raid each other for a while. The 4 CA schools, Oregon, ASU, Utah and Washington would be a killer division with Texas, OK, OSU, CU, and a few others from Big XII would be a really competitive league with a ton of TV money. Eight teams from each have been floated before. I’d love to see SEC pick off Clemson and a few others too but the west half is probably more vulnerable. I think Texas would probably tank a deal by trying to get greedy with USC, but it’s not impossible.

This is why I don’t see a cut coming. Will the state of Texas let Tech be left behind? Oregon and OSU? Washington and UW?

If you cut 16 teams…that’s a TON. I don’t see politics allowing that to happen.

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