Dec 19th Matchup

We can only speculate, but any guesses as to who our opponent will be next week? Do we even know how the PAC12 is thinking about this: match up 1st North w/ 1st South for championship obviously, but 2nd w/ 2nd, 3rd w/ 3rd?, tweak to not repeat a game, cross division, or makeup games that were cancelled? I would guess non-CA teams will get home games.

I could see us play Stanford (about same in the standings and haven’t played) or makeup AZ, ASU, or UCLA.

Obviously, we’ll see how this week’s set of games leaves everyone in the standings.

Making up any of the South games would be nice for the players, especially if it’s a road game. They’ve done some cold games. Let them have a more regular Octoberish game.

Just getting a 5th game would be helpful for what we need to get out of this crazy season.

Good point. Tradeoff of being at home or having a warm game in Arizona (combined record 0-6). Get to 3-2 (being a homer and hoping we beat CU) and add a bowl game to have extra practice and more experience and call it a great exhibition season for a young team.

I say we play Coastal Carolina, just for sh*ts and giggles.


I hear they have the worst fans in the whole wide world. They pour moonshine on you and drive donuts in your front lawn in nascars. Then they whip you in the face with their mullets.


lol - that would be hilarious to play them, just mow them down.

“That field color is soothing, and it’s nice to see palm trees!”


Would Utah be 9-1 with BYU’s schedule?

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No. They’d be 10-0


I would guess PAC12 would announce games tomorrow or Monday.

My guess is USC plays UW for the championship (no consideration to have USC CU now)

Looks like we might be 3rd in the South, so either will get Stanford (3rd or 4th in North, but already played Ore St.) Or makeup UCLA game (good game to broadcast) or AZ (boost the number of teams that look attractive for bowls).

Doesn’t really matter for me. Just want to see another game.

WSU will play Utah in final game of the season (

I would have preferred ASU, but am just glad the team will get another opportunity for reps.


Not a great matchup… I would have much rather made up either of the games we missed, ASU, UCLA, or a north opponent like Stanford or Oregon.


Well, we’ll be favored, and if we are 3-2, we have a chance a bowl game. So I’m fine with this.

I hadn’t paid much attention to the P12 North and didn’t realize Wazzu has only played three games. Beat OSU by 10, got trounced by both Oregon and USC.

So, like us.


People are saying Borghi of WSU is gonna hang 180 rushing yards on Utah. Wil these people ever learn?


It probably just went by the current conference standings. Because UCLA is considered ahead of us. 3-3 and 2-2 are both a .500 record, but they’re technically ahead because they have more total wins. Also, Washington State and Oregon State both have a .333 winning percentage, but Washington State beat them head to head. Ergo, that would tell me the Cougars are the better team.

Utes are favored by 10. O/U is 57.5, so Vegas is predicting the Utes win 34-24.

FYI the Utes were favored by 3 at CU.

Yes. But only after betting happened. Lone opened at CO-2