Dear BYU-Provo fans, if you are still mad about PAC12 stickers 10 years later... it worked

There are about 400 posts like this on Cougarboard… and trust me, if they do get an invite to the Big12 their pride in conference will not be surpassed. We’ll get to hear all kinds of stories as to how it is superior to the PAC12 - because if they think independence is better than the PAC12, their stupidity knows no bounds.

I think it’d be rather funny if they never got an invite from the Big XII, especially as down as it is now.


I have a few clothing items with the PAC12 logo (including a few with all 12 team logos shown). I bought them as I’m proud our school is part of a great conference as it was a huge upgrade from being in the MWC. Couldn’t care less if it hurt the feelings of BYU fans, but if some were hurt or offended, that is their problem.


I’m not above making fun of Utes for things that are funny, but being proud of conference affiliation is not one of those areas. We made it! As J-Lo said, “Used to have a little now I gotta lot.”

Also, I drive to NYC about once or twice a year and in 2014 saw a lot of these on I-95:


Now, I don’t want to be Rutgers football, but it’s a big deal to join a real conference.


I think it is hilarious that some of them actually believe not only that we will be envious of their invitation to what is left of the Big 12, but also that they will be able to taunt us about that with any effect. Well, maybe there will be an effect. Laughter.

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TCU does it…

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The only thing greater than independence is the Big 12 without Texas or Oklahoma…until it isn’t, then independence is the greatest thing ever.

happens everywhere

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when does the Ben Criddle tweet come out that Hurricane Ida was God’s reaction to Taysom Hill not being named the Saints starter?



Taysom Hill will always be the “Slash” player on the Saints roster.

Kordell Stewart made a career being that guy with the Steelers.

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