David Shaw to Troy Taylor

Anybody in the world think this is a step up?

Not even. More like a step back.

Sac State’s Troy Taylor leaving Hornets to become Stanford Cardinal football coach

Read more at: https://www.sacbee.com/sports/article269828347.html#storylink=cpy

I wonder how many future NFL quarterbacks Taylor will reject from Stanford.


Interesting hire. He did really well at Sac State but I think I was the only Ute fan who didn’t think he was an improvement over Roderick as a play caller. In a lot of ways he was a worse OC.

It’s interesting that Stanford would be the next choice for B1G expansion because nobody in the Bay area cares about Stanford. Even their students & alumni don’t seem to pay attention to Stanford sports.
I hope this puts an end to Stanford coming to Utah and getting some really good recruits, but Taylor does have a connection to the state so it may continue.


I think this hire has some merit. Has worked a miracle for a program with virtually no history, no success and has been dead since forever.

Not a flashy Colorado-like hire, but if I was a
Stanford guy I wouldn’t be disappointed.

Didn’t Taylor not like to recruit? You can scheme wins at the lower levels. But he’s gonna have to recruit and if he doesn’t like it…good luck Stanford.