D1 Council has endorsed a concept where players will be able to transfer multiple times with immediate eligibility

The good part in this is that it will hold donors accountable for promises they make to recruits during this NIL time period. The bad ever commit is basically a one year contract.

Pretty soon, the coffin that is college sports will be all nails.


Nah. They had actual coffins back in the day with players and it survived. There is always a Wild West before guard rails get put down.

It may prove interesting to see what those guard rails look like this time around.

I kinda like the wild Wild West. Unbridled capitalism. Buckle up.

…and here I thought the “wash, rinse, repeat” revolving door in our MBB program was an aberration. Turns out it is the future.



Prohibition of paying players doesn’t mean it won’t happen. Just means it becomes more nefarious.