Crazy to think one of the biggest moments in Utah football history happens in 15 mins

And I dont think that is hyperbole. If Oklahoma passes Utah, I think their chances of making the CFP take a HUGE hit. A lot would have to happen for Utah to jump them or Baylor on Sunday.

As awesome as the Rose Bowl would be, making the CFP moves Utah into another tier.

Obviously none of it matters if the Utes dont win Friday (or if UGA beats LSU).

Come on CFP Committee, you know you want to put Utah at #5 tonight.

They had Utah ahead of Oklahoma before. What about OU beating a decent but not real good OSU would make you think they would put Oklahoma ahead of Utah now? Utah did to Colorado exactly what everybody though they would, so why would the committee punish them for that?

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A lot of people are PRO Utah, it seems. I agree with you that the allure of the CFP lies within Utah moving into a different tier.

Having an opportunity to play in the Natty >>>> Rose Bowl.

I care about whats best for the University and the State, and going to the CFP is just that.


Holy poop Bama tumbled to 12.


We are 5th.


Because we suck almost as bad as Oregon.


Sooners at #6 and Baylor right behind at #7.

Yeah, dont like seeing the BIG12 at #6 and #7. Comes down to Utah needing to smash Oregon and UGA losing.

I fear that if the Utes win close, they get jumped.

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I just want to beat Oregon. If we do that, then I’ll worry about the rest of it. But I won’t worry much, because if we beat Oregon the worst thing that can happen is we are going to the Rose Bowl


I think you’re right, because they basically just said Utah gets the lead right now because they’re passing the eye test on dominance

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