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News of the unsurprising.

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Not COVID-related, but brain fog is real and it sucks.


Even though I’m fully vaccinated I have COVID right now for the SECOND time. We returned Tuesday from a three-week trip to Italy and Croatia and symptoms started on the plane ride home. Took the test yesterday and, damn, positive. Fortunately, symptoms are mild so far.

But if I don’t return during football season to talk smack you know what happened.



Get well soon!


Your experience is precisely why we have deferred any trips to Europe. One day.


I was diagnosed with Covid yesterday and now isolating. I’m 99% sure I contracted it at the Stevie Nicks concert late last week. But Stevie was worth it!


Get better. On a positive note you could be dealing with kidney issues and gotten to had a trip to the ER and ICU with sepsis.


I think I’m about your age, Greg, and am truly sorry to hear of your continuing (unexpected) problems. At our age, there is no guarantee that any morning won’t be the beginning (or the end) of something like what you’re experiencing.

Get well soon!!! Your personal health luck is about to change; I’m sure of it :slight_smile:


A good friend and beloved former neighbor passed away from Covid this week at the age of 92. Her husband had died five years previously and in the past few years she had developed a lot of pain. This resulted in a low quality of life and was ready to go, but really a mercy that she could go relatively quickly. She was fortunate to stay in her home the whole time, 72 years in the same place.

I’m glad she is free of pain and back with her husband. Moving away from them both 15 years ago was one of the hardest things I ever have done - they basically adopted us into their family and she was a hilariously fun spitfire to the end.

I’m bringing this up here only to say two things. The isolation she endured for the past two years was really tough on her. Even though her mobility was low she was a social person and loved being with her friends at church and elsewhere. She was in a blended marriage with 10 children in an 1800 sqft home - she needed people around her. It makes me sad that for a good portion of the last two years of her life she spent them alone.

Secondly, we ARE in a Covid surge right now, with 1000 REPORTED infections a day right now (it is probably many magnitudes more with the home test kits etc) and people are still dying.

Our friend was old and lived a great life but 100% with it. You can’t say her death was unexpected or tragic, but there are people out there who’s death is.


Help your close friends / family members bury their 30 year-old child to COVID. Ok, don’t. Hopefully you will never have to experience. I find myself wanting to cry for my friends every time I drive past the cemetery where their child is buried.

It sucks.


Multiple amens to this post!

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An update. I was cleared to resume normal activities on Wednesday, as my body will let me.

I kinda broke the rules when I had a weeping willow start shedding limbs a couple of weeks ago. I went out with my saws and started getting the mess cleaned up. I didn’t have the stamina I am used to having, but taking my time and taking breaks along the way got me through the work. Also owning a chipper/shredder that eats limbs up to 2 inches in diameter help make the cleanup even more manageable. It took a lot longer, but it got done. Looking at that tree, it needs to come down; I will pay someone else to do that one and the globe willow that also needs to come down.


Glad your feeling better’ish Greg.

One of the overlooked factors in the whole “why doesn’t anybody want to work anymore” narrative is the fact that a million people died. Millions of others are now suffering long-COVID symptoms that make it impossible to do the work service industry jobs requires. Add in the fact that people have become far less willing to put their health at risk for “essential” jobs that provide little (if any) health and safety protection and deal with the public (who are generally unwilling to take any precautions whatsoever), and we end up with the shortage we’re seeing.


Mine is more anemia and lack of activity based. The anemia was part of the going septic when my kidneys tried to shut down. It raided my stored iron reserves. The lack of activity, when you feel sick, the last thing you want to do is exert yourself.

I hope it all comes back, but at damned near 60, who knows.

I got my COVID 2nd booster on Wednesday too.

Gee, other than that Mrs Lincoln, how was the play?


E-mail from a close colleague this morning:

As I’ve shared with some of you, last week [wife], [4 year-old daughter], [2 year-old daughter], and I all contracted COVID (for the first time). From what we can tell, we think we contracted the highly transmissible BA.2 Omicron subvariant.

Fortunately for the girls, their illness was relatively mild and dissipated quickly. [wife] and I, on the other hand, experienced some intense cold/flu-like symptoms. The good news is that they peaked by the early part of the weekend and we’ve been rebounding since then.

As of now, the illness seems to be mostly out of my system and I am otherwise working and available if you need me. Once I clear a negative COVID test, I very much look forward to getting out of the house and returning to the office – perhaps by the end of this week, if all goes well.

I can’t recall the last time I was as ill as I was over the weekend. I’m grateful for my health and shudder to imagine how worse it could have been if I wasn’t vaccinated. Please take care of yourselves.

Be careful, everyone. Looks like if you’re not otherwise vulnerable and you’re fully vaccinated, you’ll be OK–but possibly very sick.

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Here is a new one for you. An elderly friend who has lost their sense of smell had a friend come over who had Covid. After being there a while she said she thought she might smell gas.

This friend called me to come by to see if I could smell it too and when I came in to the house it was VERY strong.

So we got them out of the house, opened the windows and found that the gas range knob may have been knocked and was leaking gas into the house. To be safe we had the gas company come and check for leaks.

But a lot of these people with long Covid problems or who have seemingly permanently diminished senses of smell could really be at risk.

Because the one friend has smell loss due to other issues we bought a gas detector for her home (in addition to her smoke and CO detectors) and put it by her stove.

Also, they’re learning that kids who have gotten Covid are far more likely to develop diabetes. There are still a lot of reasons to avoid infection and be vaccinated. Risk of dying directly from Covid aren’t the only risks.


That makes sense. I’m not sure if it has ever been determined the exact cause of diabetes but a while ago I read that it is most likely caused by a virus.

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