COVID-19 at USC, I mean BYU


They don’t have parties at East Provo.

They all travel to Las Vegas and have those at Spearmint Rhino. :wink:


Quoting the reporter, “the parties were put on by a company called young dumb” Just… wow.

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And knowing this group “Young, dumb and full of…”

I better stop. I’ve already been banned from CB this week…haaaaaaaaa


@chucker, so what happens when the pregnancy rate spikes?

My guess is that report will simply be filed into the silent abyss. Yes, we will all be able to hear a rat pissing on a cotton ball in Utah County before anyone says anything non-COVID related out loud about the raves.

Remember the people of Utah County don’t recognize one another in the Liquor Store. :wink:

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