Countdown to a CougarBoard poster saying, "The PAC-12 is not very good..." in 3.... 2... 1

It’s really all they have to hold onto.

I almost… ALMOST… feel bad for them.

Just kidding, not even a little bit.

It’s inevitable

I was very pleased to see the large crowd of zoobs in the upper bowl all leave the game quietly.

Things were how they should be.


Thst and the officials stole the game from them. Just like every time they get beat


…aaaaannnnddd, THEY BEAT THEMSELVES!


Too late, already happened.

No way the beat themselves… that is an honor code violation

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Wait, The PAC-12 is not very good.
As far as P5 conferences goes they have the worst NY6 and CFP record, and they have completely screwed us out of a season. Plus our taxes, or the students are going to have to cover a $40+ million dollar deficit.

Yeah, I hate the PAC-12. . .I said it.