Could the APAC Conference work?

Wonder how these proposals deal with ACC gor

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It could keep the travel costs better controlled by dividing into an Atlantic and Pacific Division.

Would need to limit the regular season to 11 games so the Atlantic Division and Pacific Division could have a playoff game to determine Division Champ to play for a conference championship. If they wanted to keep it at 12, have a “Bloodbath” 12 game for the rest of the teams in a cross-conference format. The schools might hate it because they don’t know who they will be playing in the 12th game, or where.

Conference Championship Games would need to be played at Jerryworld to make fan travel more enticing. Vegas could still be in play, too because…Vegas.


Dallas could be the easiest spot for a Championship. I actually like adding Tulane to the conf and you add that New Orleans element. Maybe one more school in the middle of the country or Nevada to even out the Pac division. I also think one-game cross-divisions would be awesome for each school.

Boy do I hate this. I can’t imagine it working at all, frankly.

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Figure for football, a season could be 3 OOC, 8 Conference games (6 Divisional, 2 Cross Conference)

Based on W-L records the cross conference “BloodBath” games could be scheduled power on power to promote more eyeballs watching. It would likely result in a Pillow Fight game between UMess and whoever on the PAC side sucked that much that season.

Basketball could get the cross conference out of the way early, then go into divisional play. The BBall Tourney would be the top 4 teams from each division. Flipping the site for the CCT between LA (Staples Center) and NYC (MSG) could add some energy to the tourney.

Olympic sports and Baseball would just play they way they do now. The CCT would be the top 4 teams from each division.

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The other option is a merger with the Big XII or Mountain West. I think the writing is on the wall for the ACC, Big XII and ACC. The P5 will most likely become a P3.

With the playoff expansion, there are more than the options of either merge or not be a P3.

If by “not a P3” you mean that the merger has to happen for any current PAC school to get a spot in the CFP playoff, I think the new PAC-10 will get a CFP spot every year without merger, and likely even a top 4 bye spot most years.

If by “not a P3” you mean because of TV revenue, that is a different question. And I don’t think that an “ACPAC” provides any brand boost or TV money beyond what the ACC and PAC would get otherwise. There exists a P5 now, and the SEC and Big10 have always out-earned the other three, nothing changing there.

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Yup…that’s what I’ve been thinking. Just make OOC games into ACC/P12 games, and then of course the championship game.

Of the current Pac 10 A) how many made the 4-team playoff and B) what is the conference winning % in that playoff? Not to be harsh but the Eastern Media is going to start scrutinizing the Big XII and Pac 12 and their lack of competitiveness in the modern playoff and even late BCS era. Clemson is the ACC’s only saving grace. This isn’t my POV but it is a very much talked about thing in media around here. Lack of eyeballs and results hurts the conference.

None of those numbers matter now, and they can talk about the past as much as they want. Going forward the rules are different. With the top 4 conference winners getting that bye, rather than taking two SEC or Big10 schools, then a PAC10 champion will likely be in the top 4.

The sad thing for fans is that the game of thrones campaign of rumors and misinfo hurts the whole sport but no one cares. I think we are all still in the dark about what is really on the table. I also believe the PAC has a lot of value. But then again do many airlines before they are broken up so a few slimes on wall street can make a few bucks. If it falls apart it won’t be because of viewers or interest. It will be due to greed and bs. With playoff expansion the PAC is well positioned to shine. But that and $7.50 will get you a latte at Starbucks.

Getting to the whatever just make it end point.

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Bout the only part I like of an APAC is the possible getting to see our Utes every so often here on the East Coast. Most stadiums are pretty easy driving distance for us.


If you really think past performance, recruiting rankings etc don’t matter I don’t think we are operating with the same POV of the situation at hand. There is a big push to make P5 to P3 because we really don’t have 5 Power conferences. Example, there are 8 SEC schools that consistently are ranked higher than the #2 Pac 12 team in recruiting the past 6 years (according to 247 sports). Then you add the rating share for TV on the schools being higher than the Pac 12 it makes it easy to discount the Pac 12, Big XII and ACC in their current forms. Again, not my view but the prevailing wisdom from many influencers on the process.

Making the conference more national is a + in my eyes not a -.

Now talk of FSU and Clemson leaving. So, who knows.

I’ve been half watching this over the last week. I saw initially that both FSU and Clemson wanted larger shares, since they’re the “faces” of the conference. I also have been following the GoR within the ACC. Seems that not everyone is sold on it being ironclad. I believe someone will try to test it in court.

If for some reason the ACC splinters and that opens up FSU, Clemson and ND it will be chaos.

Yes it will be chaos. I think, like many others, the only reason the ACC is still together is the GoR. If the GoR is broken, look out CFB.

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You’d need heavy disproporate revenue to keep ND, washington oregon fsu, clemson, nc maybe duke maybe stanford from jumping ship. Or you’d have to figure out how to drop the bottom 1/3 and leave the most financially appealing 16 teams. Maybe it’s two step process to create some tradition now and then dump the bottom 1/3 and package everything up down the road.

Seems much more likely the power 2 becomes 2 x 20 team conference.