Cougs may get spanked for their NIL doings

Once again in the company of such stalwart programs like Miami, the NCAA is investigating BYU for their NIL deal with Built Bar and looking at it as a ‘pay for play’ scheme.

I’ll admit I was a little frustrated because I felt like Utah was behind the game when BYU came out with this deal. But it appears at least that the U was proceeding with caution and within the rules if not the intent.

To be honest with you, I don’t like the direction that was going anyway with Built Bar and stuff. It would come down to what school had the best sponsors paying player. It is one thing for a player to capitalize on their name image and likeness to work out deal to get compensated, it is another thing to be like, “Hey, Nike is going to pay you all $100k a year to come play for Oregon…”

But in the meantime, the NCAA is viewing this as a direct challenge to their organization.

I’m getting used to payers being paid for their NIL, but I also do not like the idea of whole team payments and the like.

Shocked I say. :rofl::rofl::rofl: Seriously, not surprised at all. It will be curious what happens. It is all new ground.


It seems to me that this NIL thing is going to have some bumpy times and will steadily be revised and regulated. It’ll be a constant enforcement problem. In light of all the booster abuses throughout the history of college sports, the whole thing is so ill- conceived that it’s almost unbelievable. Everyone knew there would be abuses, and NIL practically invites them. Won’t this be a whack-a-mole enforcement problem for the NCAA?

BTW, it surprises me that image-conscious BYU would get into this in such a big way so soon. Isn’t anybody minding the store down there?




The puzzling thing to me is the cougs seem to love Holmoe where from my POV he has presided over some big disasters. Independence, booster/player scandals, long strings of mediocrity in major sports, and now this. They fell backwards into the Big-12 (after blowing it in the past) because of conference desperation… and a lot of that is because they were about the only team to play during Covid.

I guess better lucky than good, but I don’t think he is that smart, and rather than taking the safe road they’ve challenged the rules… my guess is the NCAA will view them as the perfect program to smack down to reassert their power.

Or maybe not, who knows… it’s Saturday.


I think a sticking point in these situations is the role the schools play in setting up these NIL deals. It was my impression that NIL would be deals brokered between individual players and a sponsor, with the school at arms length. What appears to actually be happening is schools are orchestrating these deals, more or less acting as an agent for the player. This is the most troublesome aspect to me.


I get you hate BYU, but Holmoe has done great with what he has been given. The Mountain West died when Utah and TCU left, BYU had to go independent for the money and exposure. We weren’t expecting to be amazing, except for delusional fans which both fan bases have, the goal was for every BYU fan to have the chance to watch BYU. You call it conference desperation, but the Big 12 is better than anything we had. When the built NIL deal was formed they went over every regulation. Heaven forbid walk-ons receive money. Guys like Tyler Allgeier need the money to send back to their families, so BYU gave him and other players opportunities to earn money based on their name, image, and likeness. Utah has done a great job with team deals as well, such as the CW Meyer one. Tom has done a great job and BYU has hope for the future, something that’s been lacking since 2011.

I actually don’t hate BYU - I am bothered by their fans frequently, but the school is fine, whatever.

Independence cost you Bronco Mendenhall, and I know you guys have a lotta love for Sitake (we do too, he was great here) but I think Bronco was the better coach. You benefited from the Big-12 being desperate to survive (and that is still TBD) but you absolutely should have jumped to them. That’s a no-brainer. But had OU and UT and 4 other teams not bolted for other conferences… you’d be independent forever and keep having these sort of seasons. It was painful to watch from afar as you’d lose early in the season dashing your only hope, then cap it off by 3 or 4 really bad teams at the end.

I have no problem with players getting money (as I stated) but I do have problems with inducements - and truthfully BYU should be too… because it is a game that BYU will not win (you think Oregon couldn’t do what I described in a heartbeat? Use built bar to recruit against that). It appears BYU has steered incredibly close to that, if not outright done it, hence the NCAA is now investigating it. As others have said, for a school so worried about public image, it isn’t the publicity I can imagine you want… and honestly not a race you want to run.

I’ll just say this: I’m glad you are happy with Holmoe and I’m also happy that you got lucky despite him. But I highly doubt there is anyone else in the collegiate athletic world that is trying to get him to their school.


1,000 dollars isn’t going to sway any recruit to come to BYU. BYU can’t compete with the blue bloods in NIL and they know that. BYU’s goal is to give players opportunities. I don’t get how they’re breaking rules, when the state of Utah doesn’t have any rules and the NCAA can barely make any rules. The NCAA won’t do anything because of the publicity. “Corrupt NCAA takes small amount of money from walk-ons.” It would be a bad look. Tom has done great, BYU’s basketball program became stagnant and with Rose retiring things could have taken a turn for the worse. Tom brought in Mark Pope and BYU hasn’t looked back. Kalani didn’t look amazing at first, but he’s starting to figure it out. 2021 was a great season for us. 10-2 and ranked top 15 playing a top 50 sos is great and we now have momentum, but we needed to invest more resources into the program and retain Kalani. You may think why retain a coach that only has 3 good seasons under his belt, but he’s the man for the job. Tom was able to work out a contract and keep things moving. I don’t expect any school to want to take him, but to say he sucks at his job is nonsense.

In this wild world of NIL, how in the hell does the NCAA even figure out how and what is a violation? I can’t figure it out. The U seems to be erring on the side of a conservative interpretation. Schools like Miami aren’t even going to try to interpret - anything goes.

Something tells me in the next few years some of these schools are going to make what went on at SMU in the 1980’s look like chump change distributions.


You underestimate their pettiness.

They punished Majerus for buying a meal and pizza after practice.


What have you done for me lately? They have a right to be proud this year. Have we beat them in anything? I can’t think of a single Vic this year.

Rick took Keith Van Horn out to breakfast so he could console him after his father passed away suddenly.


Play on the “edge of the rules”, right? Or, maybe way past the edge…


I’m not investigating BYU, it’s the NCAA. You may want to provide your non-explanations to them.

And you underscored my point that if universities are inducing players that is a losing game for BYU and every school but blue-bloods.


I think Holmeo has done great for the constraints that he has to work under. The schedule the last couple years has finally gotten respectful. His coaches are winning. Recruiting is improving. He got the school into the Big12. He is the ‘Chris Hill’ of BYU. And lest us Ute fans forget, we would not be in the PAC12 if Texas and Oklahoma hadn’t turned down the invite first. BYU is where Utah was 10 years ago. Congrats to BYU, they have a bright future.

PS. Utes are PAC12 champions!!!


My mind read something about spanking cougars, so I clicked this thread right away… you can imagine my disappointment :slight_smile:


Both TDS and Utah should be grateful for Longhorn and Sooner arrogance, but that’s where the similarities stop. When the PAC10 didn’t come to terms with these 2 national brands, they continued to see merit in expanding to add Utah and the Buffs. In contrast, the Diluted 12 lost their 2 largest portions of national relevance. They picked up the wandering nomad aka TDS in a desperation attempt to remain relevant.


Seem like everyone thought both Colorado and Utah would be underachievers in the Pac-12
That’s what’s so nice about winning the conference Championship. Shutting down that fricken discussion.


NCAA might fast track this & take action in 2024.