Corvallis….. as bad as Pullman? (Worst City in P12)

First off, I had a good Vietnamese Bahn mi there so it wasn’t all bad today. That said unless you like options for legal weed shops I can’t think of a more “meh” town in the P12. I haven’t been to Pullman so I may be wrong. It really reminded me of Starkville, Ms with better weather and replace the legal weed shops with “pain clinics.”

Not sure how anyone recruits to that place. Btw, on the flip side I love Astoria, Oregon.

I haven’t been to Pullman or Corvallis, Astoria on the other hand was very nice.

Ea Washington is kinda dull. Not much there, lots of farm land, high desert type flora. So I have an idea of what Pullman looks like, but as for the culture, not a clue. My brother’s wife went to vet school in Pullman, so it does have that going for it.

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Yeah we had to go to Enchanted Forest for the daughter and cut back over to Newport, Oregon. I didn’t visit Eugene. I just don’t see how you get a place like OSU to be appealing.

SLC is definitely one of the better P12 spots to recruit to. I stayed a couple days in a house about a half mile from UW. I honestly would choose UW in the North of I was a prospect. The P12 South has the better locations, IMHO.

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Astoria - enjoyed the best 8 consecutive winter seasons of my life between October 1998 and April 2000. Never once got above 70 degrees and even the locals complained about the rainfall amounts in February 99. Now, it’s super hipster and cool and the last time I was there, it was 95 degrees and the hotel room had no AC.

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Can I suggest a third option?
Terrible air quality, population growth outpacing infrastructure, politics dominated by religion, awesome mountains sure but they’re so packed with people and cars all the serenity is lost, rapidly shrinking lake adding arsenic to the lexicon of ■■■■ in our air. Oh well, at least we’re not known as the “scab lands”.

I dunno - I’d take Pullman and Corvallis over Stillwater, Lubbock, Wacko, Norman, Lawrence, Ames, Manhattan, etc.

I saw the Wizard of Oz. No, thank you.


I was keeping it in the conference. I wouldn’t attend any schools in B12 other than maybe Austin. As far as the B1G Madison is probably the only city I would like. The ACC has some fun spots. Honestly, if not for the prospect of going pro I wouldn’t choose Tuscaloosa.

I live next to Nashville (Super hipster in Eastside). I wouldn’t say hipster. Just artsy. The weather was in the high 60s in July which is find by me and the hotel had AC.

You seem like a really happy guy. Perhaps we could meet for coffee one morning; I think I might need your sort of positive influence to help me jump start my day.


That might be what I need, what constitutes a nominal sum? :slight_smile:

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5 thc gummies and the aforementioned coffee


This lets me know you would love Corvallis.

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Oh. They didn’t all the way replace Leach.


I’m kind of sick of people acting like not getting a vaccine is an informed decision. Yes there are circumstances to not get the vaccine but they are few and far between and no where near match the ‘private reason’ excuse some are pushing. And those same reasons would also probably preclude you from being a coach.


Anyone know where I can get a chrome block u to stick to my car?

Sancho, its a bit pricey, but

Thanks sweet. I’ve seen those drum and feather ones, but I’m hoping to find a block u. Got a new car, and it would look great on it.

It’s wild. Alabama as a state has the least % vaccinated but the U of A has the most vaccinated % of SEC football teams. We need to say Football doesn’t start till we hit 90% vaccination rate.