Cool Stuff Coming on Utefans

When @LAUte relaunched UFN we had one goal in mind, and it was creating a space that was P5 worthy. I think we’ve done a pretty great job at providing a platform to keep up with modern forum demands. Last year @Steggys_Mixtapes started producing great original content with athlete interviews, podcasts with fan favorites and more.

We have some big plans ahead for UFN, and plans to support the U and their athletes with potential opportunities. We want to start making this summer a little more bearable by creating some original content with your favorite athletes. We of course get you’d love to hear from Cam Rising or Clark Phillps, but who are some of YOUR favorites that you’d like to hear from. Comment in this thread and then we’ll put together a poll and vote.

Then hopefully we can work some magic and get them on and talk to them.

I would like to hear from the basketball staff if we will be able to keep this group together.

Maybe not a fair question at this point, but I’d still be interested to hear their thoughts.

Picking up on @NewbombTurk’s thought, I’d like to hear about Craig Smith’s three year plan. Milestones. What Chris Burgess’ part is in that. And other specific coaches. A frank assessment of where Utah is in the road back to relevance and how that has impacted recruitment. Also, how NIL and Utah’s current position impact the program. I’d like to hear his expectations on the upcoming season and how it will differ from last season. Lastly on expected style of play and an articulation of strengths in the program and areas to improve. Finally how overall college basketball has changed over the last decade, and how that impacts the players the program seeks.


I would like to hear from older athletes, guys from the 70s thru 90s, who have had the benefit of time to reflect on their experiences as college athletes. It’s fun, for example, to see tweets and comments from Keith Van Horn about Rick Majerus. Could we get more candid takes from former athletes about their time at the University of Utah? I’m talking Manny Hendrix, Josh Grant, Kelvin Upshaw, Scott Mitchell, etc. Something akin to this interview piece with Eddie Johnson a couple years ago: All Time Great Eddie Johnson Reflects on Being A Ute


What if, say, we got Bryson Barnes and got him some NIL money???

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Or Rob “4th & inches” Richeson to explain the nickname. :wink:


Cole Bishop maybe

Isn’t there a NIL thing at Eaglewood Golf Course this week? Friday?

How to participate if I’m going to be outta town?

Who’s the accountant on this thing?

This is a separate thing that is the Utah Open Social - we put the brakes on this because of the close proximity to this event and to avoid conflicts/confusion. So short answer is the Englewood event is not a Utefans event but we fully support getting out and supporting and socializing with other Ute fans and athletes.

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If you cannot golf, you can have lunch and if you cannot do either, you can order a signed poster. It is all being done through twitter.

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