Considering some new options for the site and need your feedback

I know a lot of you are active in multiple places, but for me I’d rather just get all of my Ute related information in one place. I’ve felt an obligation since launching the new site to post all the news and info that gets sent to me at but that is kind of a hassle. For me, I don’t really use Twitter, but I do have an account and do like to see the news and videos that get posted there that relates to the Utes - but it is almost never a destination for me.

I’m looking at adding some functionality that will allow me to automatically pull in certain twitter feeds, youtube videos and RSS feeds from sites like We could dump it all in a ‘Ute News From Other Sources’ category (or something like that) and you could mute it if it wasn’t of interest to you. Would this be a function you’d like to see added?

  • Yes, I’d love it
  • No thanks, I like to find that myself
  • Don’t care either way

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Or offer your comments below.

I’m not a fan of Twitter.
I realize there is a shared functionality, but, I think Twitter diminishes dialogue as much as it’s supposed to promote


Like you Absolute, I’m not a fan of twitter. I use it for my business, to get industry news and trend ideas. But Twitter itself can be less than useful at times. I actually get better info from instagram for industry news, trends, and ideas.

I do like Rocker’s idea about an aggregate location to read Ute news. Twitter, hard to get excited about. The athletic department uses instagram pretty well. It’s quick, and it’s informative, and gives us a way to get more info if we want. Usually linking to the main athletic department site.

Yikes, sorry about that - trying to implement the news aggregator mentioned above and it blew up the site. I’ll do that late at night next time.

I don’t mind the idea of including tweets in the feed but would like to see some ability to control what tweets display in my feed. For example, Tony Jones tweets probably 40 times a day on some days and 39 of those, I have no interest in so I’d rather turn his notifications off. Hans, on the other hand, tweets things I enjoy reading so I’d want to have his notifications on.

One suggestion. The automatic email notification is causing havoc in my inbox.

The reason is the sender is coming in as "(username) via"

Is there a way to swap that so everything from is in the beginning?
i.e. " via (username)"
That way I can sort by sender and all of my Utefans responses will be in one central location.

Yes I can set up an auto filter but I’m just being lazy


I don’t need to have email notification.
Is there a way to turn it off?

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Yes, click on your icon at the top right, then click on your board name and then go to preferences. There is a section for email settings and you can turn them off or whatever else. I personally have them all off.