Completely forgot we had a basketball game tonight

Apparently we won. If someone told me three years ago I’d give up my season hoop tickets I’ve of told em they were nuts. Now not only did I not go to games last year but I’m missing them on TV now. How was the crowd ?

Not bad. I’d guess there were about 8,000 people there. Considering its basically still New Years I was impressed. We are not the hottest ticket in town either.

That’s more than I thought would be there. I get frequent emails about ticket specials. Somewhat surprised more people aren’t taking advantage

It was a good game. Slow start but got the lead for the first time at 20-19 and never trailed after that. Beavs got within 2 or 3 a couple of times but in reality the Utes dominated the game.


Thanks for the report. Since I didn’t renew my tickets my interest in basketball had waned. Tonight was probably the first time in a I don’t know how long that I forgot theee was a game and didn’t watch. I probably would’ve watched if I had remembered.
I’d still he going had the thicket office not ignored me and waited until I didn’t renew before they showed any interest in my concerns. Oh well. It is what it is.

You seem to be holding a grudge. Stop being petty and get up to the games!


I can relate to FlyFishingUte’s reasons for discontinuing season tickets (comp tickets in front of their expensive lower bowl seats often going to uninterested disruptive younger fans)

At the Minnesota game (where they squeezed all of those who usually sit up top into the lower bowl), I am not exaggerating when I state that over 20 times we had to stand up and let the same younger fan come and go. Place was packed that night, and we’d been bumped a few times (by people who actually had the tickets for the seats we were in) so relocating at this point wasn’t an option.

A couple of times it was to get snacks, or to race down the stairs to hopefully get that priceless mini ball (which at least is during a time out), but usually seemed to just be they wanted to run around the arena. Parent(s) should have told them to sit down and watch the game, but did not.

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That is totally uncalled for. Poor, lazy parenting. As if everyone should accommodate them.

Our old football seats had a similar problem, as a group of fans in our row had to leave every 20-30 minutes to go smoke. While I’m at it, I think people should be a lot more mindful of when they decide to block another fans view. This has been a much bigger problem during football IMO, and shows a genuine lack of consideration for those watching the game.

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