Comedy of errors in Bucs Rams 4th qtr

Wow, who saw this 4th qtr coming? Back to back turnovers, Weddle with his screwup.

With all that Bucs have a chance.

And now Gay short on a 47-yarder that would have made it a 3 possession game.

Amazing the number of blunders by the Rams.

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Now Akers with 2nd big fumble. Bucs in scoring position.

Brady’s going to get all the credit for this comeback, but it was the Rams mistake after mistake after mistake.

I didn’t see the Patriots/Falcons Super Bowl. This is the worst playoff meltdown I’ve ever witnessed. Absolutely pathetic.


Rams really tried hard to lose that game

And Matt Gay wins it. 3 games ended via field goal. Interesting playoff weekend.

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That was complete insanity. Holy hell.

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Before the game started they noted Gay suffered some kind of injury in the pregame warmups.

Throughout the game I noticed he wasn’t getting KOs to the goal line, either direction. The 47 yarder came up just barely short. I wonder if he tweaked a quad or something.

But when they needed it… he came through.

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This is terrific. Be sure to check out the Spanish version.