Colorado game thread

We have a Solomon Enis sighting!

Great start!

Playing on ice skates today. Great start by the defense so far.

I was being pessimistic and thinking, “Well here we are, 3rd and goal on the 5. A field goal again?” Loved the slant pass.

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So far, I like our preparation.

Just keep getting better.

Love to see a hard working Sol Enis see the fruit of his effort!

Solid defensive stand. I love what energy Covey brings to the field. Guy is a freak of nature - it is too bad he is so small.

They’re ready for Jordan

Ouch! He had Kuithe for 6.

Can’t imagine how frustrated Kuithe must be with Bentley.


So far this season it is not hard to see why he lost the starting job at South Carolina, and why Rising beat him out at Utah.

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Colorado doing a good job of stopping us on the ground.

He lost the job at SC due to a foot injury with season ending surgery.

Well, we are up 7-0, so let’s pack it in and just play defense and run out the clock :roll_eyes:

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Surprised they didn’t review that. Not sure it was a fumble.

Thanks for the reminder. He didn’t get the job back–but maybe that doesn’t say anything about him. So far his accuracy is not impressive in any event.

Sat by his dad at spring football game he is a real nice guy.

Gutty effort by Huntley to try getting that first down on his own.

And to come back for an extra season. :wink:


We threw it on first down on our touchdown possession…just sayin

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Filled in when the Ravens needed him with all the covid cases, so he wanted to play more than just the practice squad this week :wink:

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