College football thread, non-Utah edition

I doubt it.

He’s just as likely to mishandle an issue with a star player and get in trouble.

And if he doesn’t he’ll chase more money.

Just go look at what he said when he went to Jackson. He said he only got into coaching to help the HBCU’s, but then said “of course if someone is going to throw money at me I have to listen”

I hadn’t paid enough attention to Deion to note the hypocrisy @Diehard_Ute is talking about. Some “don’t do what I did” hypocrisy is probably tolerable, if he’s trying to help young men. I’ll have to pay more attention.

For a coach - and by extension, a program - that thrives on attention, it will be interesting to see how things go this year if / when they get handled by a conference opponent.

The spotlight can only burn so brightly… and it’s not nuclear powered. I don’t know anyone who has their captured lightning mounted on the mantle.

Dopamine doesn’t have the longest half-life…and then you need more, and More, and MORE… or you’re yesterday’s news. I mean, there’s only one first time The Rock and other celebrities show up on the sideline. Then, what? Do they start arriving by trampoline?


There is certainly a huge portion of what is going into his thinking, planning, priorities, that has to do with his son’s future. Narcissists, like everyone else, spend at least some energy focusing on what they can do to ensure the success of their offspring, if only due to how it reflects on them. I’m sure he is no exception.


Rewatching some of the UF v. Tenn game, and, Utah could school the Vols on how to stop the run. This play set the tone for the entire game, and man that was sloppy on UT’s part. way bad.


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So now Florida is the flavor of the week down south. Suddenly, Billy Napier isn’t a total moron…lol

Stay tuned.



They look like with the run a team able to beat UGA. Then again, College football is basically 12 teams in one season. You never know what you are going to get week to week. Lord knows my team looks to be mailing it in.

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Uh, I doubt Saban is mailing anything in. His bar is set so high, if you lose one or do not win by enough points, it upsets the bama faithful.

We go up to Lexington and crap the bed, well, the narrative changes again, but the fact of the matter is there really isn’t any true noise in the system in Gainesville. Napier will be around next year for sure.

If we go 7-5 or dare I hope, 8-4, it will be a miracle. Tennessee isn’t all that.


Not him. The players on the O side were def not putting in their best effort last week. What sucks this may be his best defense of the past 4 years.

Well, with some of the losses last weekend it will be interesting to see who the #5 teams get to be in the Bottom 10 this week. Last week Alabama, in a first ever, got to be #5. Do the Vols get to be #5 this week?

Good response from Deion Sanders regarding the death threats received by CSU’s Henry Blackburn and his family.

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I’m not too surprised, but very happy he handled it as he did. That said, there is certainly a LOT of drama following this program around since Deion arrived…

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Also, a ton of hype, hope and excitement. When is the last time Boulder was the center of football? Not college but all of football. Deion has already done what many could never do there. I am impressed more and more I see what they are doing. He’s also really setting his kids up for success both biological and the ones that just play for him.


This is a rivalry post (Nebraska-CU) , and really irrelevant to current events. I just thought it was interesting to see something that we might see a BYU blog post about Utah.

To BYU fan: pot, meet kettle.

I also seem to recall John L Smith, while at USU, letting his players get away with stuff. Chris Fuamatu’Mafala getting his happy zone punched in pile iirc one year against JLS coached USU team.


I especially liked this line from the article:

“Colorado fans didn’t exist back in 2018 so they’re probably unfamiliar, but this is what intentionally trying to hurt an opponent looks like,”


I can remember when all forms of crack back and cut blocks were legal. When playing special teams in that day, you better have had your head on a swivel or you were going to get blown up.

I remember getting launched about 10 feet through the air due to a cut block on a kickoff. Guy got me low, and my momentum just took me right over him. It was a miracle I didn’t get a knee or ankle injured.


This is the first place I saw what the injury was - a lacerated liver. So Rose and Hunter. Never heard of this before and now 2? Strange. Seems like it is usually a blunt blow to the abdomen, so I would guess it could happen more than I’ve heard.

“Lacerated liver” a brutal football injury, but kind of a cool screen name!

I remember when a Washington St. QB had that same injury years ago.


Lacerated kidney is a far more frequent injury, especially for linemen. Many get it and don’t know about it until they get a CAT scan of that area and they see the scars.