College Football Super League

I’d just want the Super League to include schools who I most enjoy watching.

Oregon St
Arizona St
Notre Dame

I wouldn’t follow such a league and would watch the league’s games only occasionally. Neither would the great majority of fans of the schools that are not included.

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But why? I get people saying “Utah is not in it.” I guess my disconnect stems from that I watched World Football League, XFL and still watch Canadian Football. If this league is the league with the most talent going to the NFL why wouldn’t you?

Also, Happy Birthday to the one coach I love that never coached one of my teams.


This Covid year was a perfect indicator in my interest in this sort of set up. With the Utes and the PAC 12 not playing I basically had no interest in college football. Didn’t follow, didn’t care and honestly it was surprising because I thought I was an addict.

But honestly when you don’t have something invested in the event even when it is minor, it makes a big difference.

AND what is truly the greatest sporting event in college sports, the basketball tourney, is great because schools far and wide, big and small all get a shot, no matter how remote.

I agree, this idea might be the worst idea of all time for college football. Thankfully it’ll never happen.


Same. Surprising is the right word. Especially to my wife.

Because it would really just be a (semi-)pro league with school stickers on it. No real link to student-athletes anymore. Like XFL, CFL, Arena, etc. it would just be another league (which some, but not many) people do watch and might have some link to it, but for the most part, just is without most people knowing about it.


This is exactly how I felt too. I am a Utah fan first, everything else is a very distant second.


Y’all are better people than me I guess. I’d even watch this league:

This could be a league that could be fun to watch, for a season or 2, just to see what happens.

I kind of want the All Probation Super Conference. Just the Most Grimey programs that can pay players. No academic requirements.

As I type that I realized I just described JUCO football.


Not at all a fan of the European super duper league (and I’m a Liverpool fan). Really would widen the gap between the haves and have-nots even further.

And with the higher profile teams already playing in Champions League/Europa, domestic cups, as well as their regular league schedule, not to mention individual players getting called up to play for their national teams, would be insane the number of matches a player might play in a year which would contribute to worn out bodies and injuries.

Glad it appears it’s not going to happen.

So you’re the one.


Slimy School Super Conference???

Ya gotta kick that list off with SMU and the Hurracons.
TDS during the Stan Watts AD period would also rate consideration.
In the modern era, Whoregon, U$C, U of A, Stanford, and a number of other “Varsity Blues” schools. Auburn would have to learn to spell “I” first to get consideration (though their NC team was pretty greasy).

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Yep. This is me every time the Montreal Alouettes play:

Well, European Soccer Super League, it was fun while it lasted… a few weeks.

Was it a few weeks? Seemed like only a few days.

I think you are right. Either way, why can’t it work for football? :wink:

No clue, but I don’t think most people would want a true minor league using school names and whatnot. We already have that set up now, but it at least has the veneer of education on top of it.

I suppose it could work, but it would need more than 15 or 16 schools. I would think a complete break away of the P5 from the NCAA could work. Just my opinion.

It’s always fun because what it told everyone nothing is as sacred as they make it out to be. Move to a 16 team tournament

Seems like another blue blood dick sucking exercise but I’ll play along.

In a country that will soon have 400,000,000 people, they think there will only be enough talent and interest to field 15 competitive teams? Even if they started at 15, how long would it stay at 15?

I wouldn’t be interested in this league, it’s just minor league NFL. College football needs a restructuring but this seems too extreme. Start with an official P5/G5 split and go from there.

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