College football’s problem

Or maybe it’s just the reality we have to live with.

It feels like this has been the reality since way before the current system or the BCS. Financial parity is the only way to achieve some sort of competitive balance. Look at the the balance of the NBA/NFL compared to MLB. There are a lot of reasons why MLB is losing fans, but I personally believe a lack of competitive balance is a significant reason.

I should have noted that neither Louisiana State University nor Clemson university are members of the Association of American universities. Neither are Oklahoma or Alabama. So we have that going for us.

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It is frustrating, but at least we, as a University get talked about. I’m glad that Whit runs a clean program, that the players graduate, and they play hard. It’d be nice to make that run to the playoff and get in, and maybe even win it all. I don’t expect this to be a regular thing. I do expect the program to compete for the PAC12 South title consistently, and make the CCG a few times a decade.

Similar goals and expectations that I have for the mens BBall program, although it seems the program is pretty erratic in results. Both programs mimic or reflect the head coach. LK is a great guy, played hard as a player, gets his players to play decently but awfully overmatched at times. Kinda like LK in the NBA from what I recall.

So is what was said about Michigan and MSU applicable to us? Probably, at least we know we can beat UM. I’d like to see the team do the same against other “name” schools.