Coach Prime, aka Deion Sanders has done wonders at Jackson State

I really have to say that he blew well past my expectations. He’s showing that he’s a good coach, but more importantly that he’s a good mentor.

Here’s a video of him addressing his players, and reminding them of how important they are to their families, friends, neighbors, and team.

He’s not just Coach Prime Time, he’s a good person. I’ve not heard anything bad about what he’s doing at Jackson State. Yeah, he may be a little flashy, but he’s a good person. It’s easy to get caught up in the persona and overlook the person.

I felt the same. I thought the hire was a joke and he was all ego and flash. Maybe he is and he does poke the bear, but he does so I think strategically/tactically and he is a good coach, program head, motivator, and just proving good for HBCUs, football in general but also that win or lose (but more win), he is helping shape another generation.

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Here is a 60 Minutes interview with him. He seems to be a great human.