CHAT THREAD for all the Championship Games Today

Hey folks, I figure after that Big 12 barnburner (boy howdy), and seeing how U-state is manhandling SDSU, it might be nice to have a thread to talk about what is going on. I’m personally only following via ESPN scoreboard, but any of you who might be watching the games, Please chime in with thoughts, comments, etc.


Currently both SEC and AAC (Cincy) games are fairly tight… I was hoping Georgia could stomp Alabama and prove they have no business in the top 4 (not after needing multi0le miracles to survive Auburn).

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That doesnt appear to be happening, dangit all to heck.

ALso, as much as I want to pull for Utah State, we need SDSU NOT turfing this for own “looking good” issues. LOL

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It would also appear Cincinnati is not being the dominant force the media mass fellatio would have us all believe. Same issue we faced in 2004/8: weak conference schedule inflating numbers. But at least we DID prove our worth in both major bowl games.

It’s clear now that Georgia and Bama are both in regardless of who wins this. Really wishing we had an 8 team playoff with autobids for CCs

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HOOOOLLYYYY CRAP… Utah State totally following our example of yesterday, and curbstomping the Aztecs… This truly is a great Year for Collegiate Football in Utah. Too bad Weber had a down year, last year they were badasses.


and of course Utah State fumbles into the endzone for a touchdown.

Cue PeeWee Herman: “I MEANT to do that!!”


Wow you have to feel for the poor Aztec fans who thought it would be a nice day outing up to Carson.

It is my hope that Iowa wins. Notre Dame makes the top 4. PAC12, B1G, and Big12 get shut out from the final 4. If this happens, we will get at least an 8 team playoff with conference champions from the P5 getting autobids.

*Edit: Forgot about the ACC getting left out as well


If Iowa wins that means Baylor makes it.

Notre Dame gets in over Baylor…even without Captain Queeg.

Not according to most of those in the know but…

Please do tell…who is “in the know” besides you?

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Cinci rolling. Baylor, even with 2 losses (ok St. that they avenged and TCU), they beat 3 top 15. ND doesn’t have those wins.

4th probably Bama regardless with this win (or even with this showing of UGA comes back). If they lose, Baylor would have 2 losses like th but a conf championship. ND would only have 1 loss, but no great wins and no conference.

Arguments could be made UGA and ND have the weakest arguments if UGA loses to Alabama.

True, but 1 loss SEC not going to drop out. Esp. For 1 loss ND. Don’t love it, but UGA probably doesn’t drop past 2. Maybe 3 in a crazy non-ESPN world.

They will drop UGA to wherever they need not to have an early-round rematch.

You would think so, but I haven’t heard much from the committee that indicates they are willing to give up their power to select teams rather than go to an autobid process.

Georgia getting absolutely dominated. Did not see that coming.

Looks like Bama is getting in with their win today. I was hoping for Georgia instead, but Georgia probably gets in anyway. That seems to be the way this works.