Wow. Alabama at 2 and Cinci at 6? At least Oregon is ahead of Ohio St. 2 SEC and 2 Big10 ahead of Cinci. No way they’ll be let in. OU will jump them if necessary

More glaring. Mountain West two Top 25 teams to PAC 12’s one.

Let’s not kid ourselves. It’s not a playoff. It’s an invitational.


Let’s not kid ourselves…… most fans will never admit most of college football is not on the same level as the Power teams. The top 2 or 3 in the Power 5. Right now this is a Big 1G, SEC and Oregon race. Every now and then Clemson.

We were knocking on the door in 2019. Of course that ended badly. I expect us to be there again, maybe as early as next year.

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I think it’s doable for the Utes. Just need classes in the Top 15 a few years in a row. The teams that win are typically loaded with future NFL talent.

hmm yea… about that. Recruiting will always be the biggest challenge for Utah. You put this current program in a major city and top 15 class is money in the bank. The state of Utah has and always will have a “culture” issue. So hard to recruit a top 15 class with such and albatross around the neck of recruiting

I can foresee top 20 classes, but as of now that seems like it would be the ceiling.

Gee. That should be a snap.


We have never had a class like that. I figured anything landing in the top 40 was an accomplishment. Top 25 would be a lottery level win.

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I get that but Utah shouldn’t ever be outrecruited by Mississippi State.

I knew this but didn’t think about it till it was tweeted. Some of our NFL guys were on a team with all 4 on staff: